A black tendril grabbed Orpheus’s phone from his night stand. He had been surprised that he even had cell service on the island he and Lily had gone to for a vacation. The tendril brought the phone to his waiting hand and the name of the person calling told him why he was being called. “Hello dear brother.”

“You’re a prick.” Hero responded. He was obviously annoyed and Orpheus smiled “You are using this to deflect attention away from yourself, aren’t you?” He asked.

“Goodbye John, give Lianne my best.” Orpheus hung up. “Welp looks like Sarah did the interview thing.” He looked over to the chair next to him at Lily, who was reading a book she had missed out on in her self-imposed exile.

“Do you think that means we should go back?” She asked, without looking up from her book.

Orpheus stretched out on the lounge chair he was laying on “We can if you want to. I’m not opposed to staying here though.”

Lily giggled “This has been very nice but we do need to go back someday.”

“How about tomorrow then?” Orpheus asked.

“Okay. What should we do until then?”

Orpheus leaned over and planted a kiss on her neck “I have some ideas.”

Sage laughed as the flummoxed host tried to salvage the interview after such a big reveal. On some small level he felt sorry for Hero, family ties were never something that you wanted to have come out to the general public, but time had made him not care all that much. “When will the government call me to complain about this?” He asked himself.

There was a bit pain as his power activated and told him “In four minutes.” The voice was his own though it felt like it came from far away.

“I suppose I should get ready to argue then.” Sage said to the empty room. He grabbed the headache pills from his table and took one to ease the pain that would come from his power responding to all the questions the government officials were bound to have.

Four minutes later his phone began to ring. He lifted it up to his ear and before he could greet the voice on the other end began to complain and claim that he was doing this just to make them look bad. The voice on the other end as rhetorical question after rhetorical question, as he had been trained to do by his superiors and hung up without giving Sage a chance to respond. Sage sighed and texted Wizard his response, to be delivered via portal on to the desk of his annoying caller. It would send the proper threatening message without any explicit threat. Sage wished that this dance hadn’t become so routine as the message sent and went back to watching TV.

He was quite surprised when his phone rang again and an old friend was on the other end of the line. “Sage, I’ve got a bit of a problem on my hands.” Doctor informed him. “I’ve got a patient who wants to get rid of his power and I already promised to help him.”

“I could have Tank tell you what needs to be done. Do you have anyone you can call on who would be good to give the power to or should I send someone over?”

“One of my aides offered to take the power. He’s a good kid and thinks he can at least hold on to it until we find someone we would like to give it to more.” Doctor was relieved to hear that Sage knew how to solve his problem.

“Alright, Tank can be there around noon on Wednesday to show you how it’s done.”

A week later Silver threw back another beer in the dive bar she went to for some alone time and looked at the two names in front of her. She had scrawled the names of both the teams that had offered her a place. Neither were the most appealing, though she liked the members on both teams. Unstoppable Force only had a few members and she would be among some of the most powerful people on the planet, something she had dreamed of as a little girl. But therein lay the problem, she would be among them but she didn’t feel like she actually would be one of them. On the other hand, Sword’s team were all at or around her level. But that would mean signing on with the company and being treated like a soldier.

“There is just no good option is there.” She said aloud.

“There is it just might be one you aren’t ready for.” A large man sat down next to her and signaled to the bartender to get him a beer.

“I feel like any advice you give will be biased.” Silver turned to her new drinking buddy and found Tank sitting next to her. “You are quite close with Unstoppable Force from what I’ve seen.”

Tank nodded “True but that isn’t why I’m here. I want to extend an offer to you.” He thanked the bartender for the beer. “There is a kid with a very powerful ability who doesn’t want it. Tomorrow I go oversee the transfer of the ability to a temporary host but I had a better idea.” Tank took a mighty swig from his beer “I’ve kept up with your career and I would like for you to take that ability instead.”

“What’s the catch?” Silver asked and took a swig from her own beer.

“The catch is that you would have to give up Silver in order to accept it and if something goes wrong I might have to kill you.”

“You sure know how to woo a girl.” Silver joked. She downed the rest of her beer “It might be fun. Let’s do it.”

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