The Coffee Shop Off Main wanted to be known for their charming décor and lounge area. What they were actually known for was being the only coffee shop in the city that had bullet proof windows. This hadn’t diminished their sales however, in fact quite the opposite. When word leaked that they had bullet proof windows the heroes in the area flocked to it as a place to hang out before and after they patrolled the streets. The fact that it was a coffee shop and not a bar meant even the heroes who tried to maintain a squeaky-clean image, a prospect that was rapidly dwindling, went there. The prospect of running into famous heroes had brought in the cape chasers, an outdated term for people who wanted to meet heroes, and the occasional business people on their break that just wanted a place they knew they were safe from attack.

And history had shown that The Coffee Shop Off Main was indeed a safe place. The only villain group that had ever tried to attack it had made it a full foot inside the door before a hero, who had been headed out to do a patrol, had lifted the lead villain off the ground by their throat and thrown them into the street. The resulting battle had put several holes in the sidewalk but when the dust had settled the coffee shop was untouched.

So, it was no surprise that as Jane and Katherine went to find seats in the crowded coffee shop a couple of familiar faces waved them over. “Hey ladies, I was wondering who else was heading out for patrols tonight. Where’s the rest of the team?” Silver asked as Jane and Katherine sat down.

Katherine shrugged “Sarah had another one of those interviews to go to and Orpheus and Lily said they were going on vacation after Orpheus woke up.”

Sword looked around before asking “I thought you gals went by your power name most of the time. Won’t she be annoyed if someone overhears you using her real name?”

Jane laughed “She doesn’t actually care all that much. The only reason she did it for so long was because we all did it.”

Silver always kind of envied the people who could hide their real name so easily, she had accidentally activated her powers at a beauty pageant when she got them and so had been outed since day one. “Did she decide against it or something?” she asked.

Katherine pulled out her phone and scrolled through her emails until she found the article that Sage had forwarded to them. It was an article written by a reporter who had just started to make a name for himself and it correctly labeled all four of them with their given names.

Sword sharply sucked in air. Ever since heroes had started saving people it had been seen as poor taste to reveal their real names. In more recent years reporters who had broken this unspoken rule had faced massive lawsuits and even worse some heroes had refused to help them. “Is that why Sarah is doing another interview so soon after the other one?” she asked.

Jane’s grin hadn’t faded “Even better. She also gets to show off a warning that Tank recorded after he heard about what had happened.”

Silver smiled, it was still a little weird to hear these girls talk about someone as legendary as Tank as though he were an old friend but she was warming up to it “That sounds like it will be a fun show to watch. When are they airing it?”

“She said it was supposed to air at 8pm tonight so if we head out early we can probably catch it after a patrol.” Katherine informed them.

Sword practically jumped out of her chair and began ushering the other girls out the door. Once they were walking she calmed down and asked “Hey I always wondered why you guys do patrols like this, I mean this is my job and Silvy here has to do it so many times a month to get paid from the grant. But you guys are on Sage’s payroll, right?”

“Boredom.” Katherine answered simply and she expanded on it when she realized the other two didn’t understand what she meant “At first we did it to train and to show that we could hold our own so villains would be less likely to attack us. But now we do it because the only other option is to sit around the base or in a coffee shop waiting for something to happen. This way we can actually go out and do things periodically, even if there is no crime that day.” Sword started laughing. “Don’t get me wrong, we like helping people and stopping crimes but just sitting around waiting for them is so boring.”

“I’ve got a question for you two.” Jane interjected “Why is it just the two of you today? I thought you usually did this in teams.”

Sword blushed “Shield took Frost back home to meet his parents. Lightning is off on her anniversary and Rain transferred out last night to be on a team with her boyfriend, Protect. That leaves me as the only single and working member of my team.”

Silver sighed “Mine is a little worse. Steel is going back into retirement and the boys are taking some personal time to decide if they want to keep doing the heroing thing. They have gotten some pretty good offers to serve as models for gyms that are doing the whole “heroic training” packages. That leaves just me to do patrol.”

Katherine gave her a smile of reassurance “I’m sure Sword agrees with me on this, you can come join up with either of our groups if you want.”

“That is nice but…” Silver began but she was interrupted by Sword.

“No, she’s right. You’re welcome on my team whenever you want.”

Jane laughed “True but our team is better. We have cookies.”

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