Orpheus had not woken up. Orpheus had not woken up and someone had to pay. That is what Tank thought as he crashed through the warehouse door that was between him and the team of villains that he had been tracking. They had done a job for Warlock almost a month ago and while there was little to no chance of them actually knowing where Warlock had disappeared to, he saw no reason to take it easy on them.

Once he was through the door they opened fire. The bullets and rocket didn’t even tickle but he still made sure to reach to that place in his ability that his father had taught him about and spread out the incoming impacts and disperse them around his body. Before he spoke he took a moment to steady himself and make sure that none of his frustration seeped into his voice. “Raise your hands, who actually thought that would work?” The joke helped keep his tone from being harsh, which would have likely sent them running and forced him to chase them down to question them.

“Let’s see how you like this.” One of the villains said as he leapt to strike Tank. Tank took the second he was in the air to rifle through his memory for who this guy was and he remembered a German intelligence report with this guy’s picture. His word translated out to Kill from what Tank could remember, which was probably why he thought he would be more successful than the barrage.

The villain no doubt expected Tank to take the hit to show off how tough he was and kill him. In all fairness to him it was a good plan but Tank had been fighting villains since long before he had powers and sidestepped the blow and backhanded him. Unfortunately, he tipped off how frustrated the last week had made him by not holding back. Whatever the man’s name had been it didn’t come with any enhanced endurance and all that was left was a red stain. “That was unpleasant. I just came here to talk.” Tank pulled the towel he carried with him from his pack and wiped off his hand. The towel had been blue when he got it but that color had long since faded and been replaced with one that had a more reddish hue. “I want you to tell me everything you know about Warlock and if you don’t I will hand you over to someone who will make you.” They told him everything they knew, which was very little. Warlock had used communication spells to instruct them and had never even interacted with them in person.  “Okay, I suggest you all go peacefully with the heroes outside. They didn’t like being forced to wait for me and are just itching for some action.”

Tank texted Wizard that he was done and a portal opened up a few minutes later. “Did they give you anything useful?” Wizard asked while he prepared the portal to the next location.

“The same as the last group. Have any of the other magic heroes responded to your request?” Tank responded.

Wizard chuckled “One tried to politely decline and I put Lily on the phone. He is currently on a plane coming here.” Wizard grew more serious “We’ll be doing the dispelling ritual tomorrow at noon. We’ll need you to make sure no one tries to interfere with us though I doubt that will be an issue.” Tank raised an eyebrow “Yeah they are going to be protecting us as well and I doubt anyone wants to go against Lily right now.”

“How bad has it gotten?” Tank knew that Lily had been having even more trouble holding back than he had and she still had to go on regular patrols with the team.

“She hasn’t killed anyone yet but she broke all of Boulder’s ribs when he tried to rob a bank.” Sage had slipped into the room while the two had been talking and answered the question like a concerned parent.

“Did she hit him with a mountain or something?” Tank asked.

“No, she drove a pillar into his chest until he gave up.” Sage poured a glass of brandy drank it down and poured another glass.

“I hope that ritual of yours works or she is just going to get worse.” Tank stretched his muscles and prepared to hop through the new portal that appeared.

“It will.” Wizard assured him.

“What group am I going after this time?” Tank asked before he jumped through.

“Minor magic users that claim to have been trained by Warlock.” Sage answered. “The local heroes have the place surrounded and are just waiting for you to be done.”

Tank didn’t bother saying anything more and just jumped through the portal and crashed into the door that stood between him and the villains. A volley of magic crashed into him and he pushed the impact around him. “Hands up who thought that would work?” Tank joked as he emerged through the flashing energy and smoke.

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