“Wizard popped in to the living room and hit the panic button. Tank arrived by portal a few minutes ago and hasn’t stopped pacing. Worse yet neither one has said what is going on. You need to get back here.” Sarah could hear the worry in Katherine’s voice.

“I’ll be there in a minute. I just have to tell them there was an emergency.” Sarah said goodbye and turned to the man who had been interviewing her. He nodded and offered up the option of rescheduling at a late date. He had no idea if Sarah heard him however because as soon as she had let him know there was a problem she had rocketed off towards the exit.

As soon as she was through there was a huge gust of wind as she leapt into the sky. In less than a minute she was back in front of the house and she could hear the faint sound of the emergency lighting flashing on and off. When she stepped through the door it was like she had entered the command tent of some great battle. Katherine and Jane were pulling on their uniforms while a nervous Tank wrung his hands and provided them some privacy with his massive frame. In the corner Sword, Shield, and Lightning checked over their body armor. Wizard called out a portal to a bare white room and Assassin walked through carrying enough firepower to arm a small country. Each gun was fitted with a suppressor except for the minigun and the rocket launcher and they all looked to be in perfect condition. Wordlessly he began strapping the guns to his person and putting them in pockets that shouldn’t have been able to hold them.

Sage was on the phone with someone and did something no one had heard him do, he got mad “Dammit Find, this isn’t the time for jokes use your power to find the two of them. I don’t care how hard you have to try.” The person on the other end of the call clearly backed down as Sage’s face softened slightly and he hung up.

While Sarah got in her uniform Sage brought everyone up to speed “Three days ago Orpheus and Lily were taken outside of Tartarus. Wizard went to investigate and found evidence of a portal being used.” There was a mutter of surprise from the heroes since as far as anyone knew Wizard was the only one who could use portals. “Worse after some searching we determined that the only person strong enough to keep them hidden is Warlock. We are racing against the clock now. If Warlock gets ahold of the knowledge of how to make monsters than we won’t be able to stop him.”

“Can’t we just kill him if that happens?” Assassin asked, holding up the minigun for emphasis.

“I wish.” Wizard answered bitterly “He bound himself to life somehow. I spent most of Halloween killing him when he attacked me on my way to the haunted house. He kept coming back and I couldn’t find where he was coming from.”

“So, what are we going to do?’ Sword didn’t bother worrying about what might be and chose instead to focus on what needed to be done.

“Find will locate them and then we will get them back. If we need to split up we will do it by teams. Assassin do you want to be with a team or go alone?” Sage looked up from his phone.

“My employer was not clear so I will work on my own though I may help out if I see an opportunity.” Assassin began to stretch while he talked. Sage’s phone flashed out the GPS coordinates. With a gesture and a spoken word Wizard ripped open another portal and the group filed through.

They emerged in a lightly wooded area with only a single vault door embedded in the mountainside. It had been a fallout shelter when it was made and the door was one of the strongest of its day. It crumpled like paper after a few punches from Tank, who was glad to be doing something finally.

A sound like thunder reached the lower levels of the shelter and stirred Lily from her sleep. For a moment she thought that she was back at the house and Tank had dropped by for some sparring with Orpheus. Then she remembered coming to in the room they had been holding her in. They had called her an honored guest but she hadn’t yet been allowed to leave her room and her captors hadn’t told her what had happened to Orpheus.

The fog returned to her mind and she fell back into the slumber that had held her for several days.

The rocket launcher had made short work of the entrenched position that had been behind the vault door and Assassin had used the opportunity to slip down one of the halls that jutted off from the main entrance. As he moved through the compound his weapons whispered in his hand and cut down any guards he came across. When each one ran out of ammo he tossed it and pulled out another.

Tank knew his role in any fire fight and so when the smoke had cleared he charged straight down the center hallway and began laying into the guards that tried to stop him. A red skinned monstrosity, whose eye were made of fire and whose breath reeked of sulfur, attempted to stand in his way and was splattered all over a wall by a well-placed back fist. After seeing the massive creature dispatched the human guards ran for their lives. Anytime he passed a door he tore it from its hinges and checked inside in case someone was inside.

Sword, Shield, and Lightning followed Sage into a hallway and served as his body guards. Shield filled on side of the hallway with his namesake as they advanced while Sword cut down anyone who passed through it. Meanwhile Lightning used the piping running along the hallways to strike at the guards from behind the shield.

No one saw Jane, Sarah, or Katherine coming. The first most guards knew they were there was when they began asphyxiating and were swept from their feet by the torrent of water that coated the walls and floor. Those who were unfortunate enough to stay standing saw the flames come roaring down the hall and melt away their gear. When all of them were unconscious the assault stopped and the three women continued their advance through the facility.

Wizard had never liked walking. Wizard had never liked fighting. He did it when he had to but on some level, he always felt like fighting was beneath him. So instead of walking down the hallway hurling spells left and right he chose instead to float over the sleeping guards and poke his head through the wall to check out each room. Thus, he was the first to find one of the people they were looking for.

Smiling he said into his communicator “I’ve found Lily.”

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