“Today we are talking to the leader of one of the new up and coming teams, Unstoppable Force.” The show’s host introduced Sarah. “Now do you prefer to go by Air or…” He left the rest of the question unasked out of politeness.

“Air will be just fine and it’s a pleasure to be on.” Sarah smiled warmly for the cameras.

“Well Air I guess the biggest question on everyone’s minds is where you think you stack up against your peers.”

Sarah laughed a little “That’s not a fair question. I’m obviously going to say that we are stronger than them.”

“But are you?”

Sarah grew slightly more serious “In a way yes. All the members of our team hold top tier powers and so we can throw a lot of power at a problem but we tend to lack in the magic and tech departments. If we were to find a bomb we can’t try to diffuse it any better than the next person but we can put it in orbit or destroy it easy enough.”

“You mentioned tiers of powers. That is something we civilians hear all the time but doesn’t get explained very often. What does it mean?” The host took a drink from a cup that should have had water in it but seemed to be sporting some kind of brandy.

“Well in its simplest term it is a power scale. Basic tier is the lowest tier and is therefore the easiest to mimic. A normal person with any military grade munitions is as strong as basic tier or anyone with an ability like the late Cook that didn’t help them in combat. Most former super soldiers are at this level or the one right above it. Speaking of which the next level up is low tier. A person who learns how to use magic but doesn’t have a Word to enhance it is at this level. Another fun one is that Legion falls into this category because he can be so many places at any time.” Sarah took a moment to drink some water before continuing “From there we move to middle tier. This is the one everyone is most familiar with. Sword and Shield are at this level, Flare was at this level, and almost every elemental controller is at this level. The people in middle tier are some of the most inventive people when it comes to using their powers. Because of that they are usually better at fighting than their high tier counterparts.”

“High tier?” the host probed.

“High tier is where some of the more powerful heroes you have seen are. Lightning is one of the high tier element controllers due to her ability to change into her element. High tier people like her can completely shut down a power like hers that is in a lower tier and boast a total immunity to their element. This is what made the Twenty-Six a force to be reckoned with. Aside from Hero, Heroine, and Light who are definitely top tier it is believed that the Twenty-Six are made up mostly of high tier powers. The thought of them being able to just shut down villains and have the force to stop them if they couldn’t.”

“What is top tier then?” The host had gone from feigned interest to genuine interest the minute the Twenty-Six had come up.

Sarah made a point of showing herself thinking before answering “Top tier is where the comparisons breakdown. Top tiers can’t be compared with each other and can range from just barely stronger to completely dwarfing the high tier equivalent.” Sarah saw that the host wasn’t quite getting it so she decided to tell him a little secret “Did you know that Hero’s wedding was attacked by four villains.”

“I heard that there were only three bodies but there was evidence of a fourth. Are you claiming to know what happened?”

“Yes, I am. Brick was a middle tier villain, Bomb was high tier. But Darkness and Paragon were both top tier. The person who fought them was also top tier.” Sarah waited for the question she knew would come.

“The odds seem pretty stacked in the villains’ favor. Why didn’t they win?”

“Paragon was already starting to lose power due to Hero’s emergence and Darkness is near the bottom of top tier. I have no idea where the person who faced them stands and I doubt knowing that would help anymore.”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

Sarah put a finger to her lips and winked “Sorry that’s classified.”

“That’s a rip.” The pale man complained as the TV show he had been watching faded out to commercial. He had been hoping Air would drop some cool secret but she hadn’t.

Orpheus’s body stirred in its cage.

“Looks like the guy is awake.” The pale man said as he got up to go check on the prisoner.

“Wait a minute didn’t Warlock say he had suppressed the guy’s mind.” A frog like man said from the table the two had been playing cards at previously.

“Yeah why…” Everything else was lost in a gurgle as the pale man had his heart torn out through the hole where his chest had once been.

A low animalistic growl came from the cage and the air shuddered. The bars dissipated as they fell away into nothingness. The monster stepped through the new opening and looked hungrily at his next prey.

The frog man was never so happy as the moment Warlock burst into the room and uttered the dismissal words for his spell. The monster slumped and the body began to shrink and become more like that of a man. “That may require further study.” Warlock could barely restrain his excitement “Yes definitely further study.”

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