They called themselves The Liberators, at least that is what they had told Chill when they had sprung him from The Pit. He had been ecstatic when they had told him about his role in their plan to liberate Tartarus and as the chill of the doors froze the moisture in the air he was certain that they would succeed. He thought the loud crack was the sound of their fellows busting out of their cells. Then the ground started to move. It warped and folded until it had covered the area in a dome. In the pitch darkness The Liberators began to whisper and wonder if something was going wrong.

Oh yes, something has gone very wrong for you.” The voice came from all around them, some of them even felt like it was coming from inside them. “If you lie down and surrender right now I will let you leave here alive” There was a brutal calm to the voice that unnerved even the hardened criminals in the group.

“Try your worst, I’m not afraid of you” Inferno, their leader, yelled into the darkness. With a thought he reached into his power and began to pour fire out and for a brief second there was light. The Liberators looked around and discovered that they were missing several members of their group. Anyone looking at Inferno discovered why as a stone hand dragged him beneath the earth. With his flames contained darkness descended back on the group and they began to panic. As more voices vanished the panic grew until at last it was just Chill left, his hand still on the doors and sweat pouring from him in buckets. Then he too was gone.

Inside the prison was a much different story “Looks like that was the last of them.” Orpheus called out to Lily from where he was seated. Execute cut the lights back on and Lily pulled her hand out of the hole in the wall that had been made so she could reach dirt.

“How did you two do that?” Lianne asked from in front of the holding area they had put the, now unconscious, villains in.

Lily willed the dirt of her hands and answered, “Orpheus has been working on using Darkness to sense things and I’ve been working on my remote manipulation skills.”

“I didn’t know Darkness could be used to sense things.” Lianne wondered if maybe Light would have been able to do something similar.

“Neither did I.” Orpheus responded. “But do you know how many people were afraid of the dark last year.” Orpheus let some of his annoyance at that time seep into his voice “We spent two weeks wading through the leftover fear rooms for people who were afraid of the dark.”

“Weren’t you guys only in there for a single night?” Lianne asked.

“The best we can tell time wasn’t moving the same in there.” Orpheus answered.

“It was actually kind of nice. We were in there for a little over a month with just the two of us.” Lily added.

“It sounds like a good vacation.” Lianne floated up to the two as Execute began processing the villains.

“If it hadn’t been for the giant spiders it might have been.” Orpheus walked back into the side room and grabbed a drink out of the fridge. “The giant snakes weren’t very fun either.”

A few hours and a lot of small talk later Execute joined the three of them in the side room and sighed in relief “I have them all processed if you all want to head out.”

Lianne thanked him and flew off but Orpheus and Lily stuck around to ask, “Do you know of any good places to eat around here?” Execute rattled off a list of diners and bars that he knew people liked visiting and then when they just stood there he realized what they were looking for and told them about a place a few towns over that was a great date restaurant.

“Hey kiddos.” He said softly before they could leave “I don’t want to put any pressure on you all or that Lianne lady but I just wanted to tell you all that I’m happy the new generation found each other. All of us old timers are a little envious of you.” He could have kept going but it wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t a big secret that the older generation had relationship trouble and the few who had managed relationships had done it with normal people instead of others with powers.

Lily and Orpheus looked into each other’s eyes and said, “We’re happy too.” Both knew what the other was thinking. They were remembering how they had been before each other. Orpheus had been angry and probably suicidal while Lily had been a nervous wreck afraid of her own powers.

The couple was happy with each other and smiled at the thought of what life would bring them. Until they lost consciousness and fell through the portal that opened underneath them.

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