Lily and Orpheus stepped out of the portal Wizard had provided and were a little awestruck at the sight of two giant doors built into the mountainside. They weren’t entirely sure what mountain they were near but there was snow on the ground and there didn’t seem to be any signs of tourists or other people in the area. As they wondered if they were supposed to try and open the gate it began to open of its own accord. When it had reached a point where the old man waiting on the other side could step through it stopped moving.

“Greetings, are you the two that Air said she would be sending?” The old man’s voice was surprisingly soft considering his scarred face.

“I’m Earth and this is Orpheus. Are you Execute?”

“Yes ma’am. With that said I need to make sure you both are okay with me potentially killing people. The security of this prison is predicated on the fact that trying to escape or break in is to be met with execution.”

They both had known that with a name like Execute his powers were probably reliant on certain criteria so they weren’t surprised “No I think we won’t mind. Both of us have killed villains in combat.” Orpheus answered. Lily nodded in agreement and the two entered the prison.

Tartarus was the most bare-bones of the three super prisons. The cells were standard prison cells, though they were made out of super durable material, that faced the cell on the other side of a gap and could see the giant doors known, unsurprisingly, as The Gates of Tartarus. In the event of the alarm being raised the super tech device that made The Gates light enough to move would shut off and seal the attempted escapees in or those trying to break in outside. Escapees who were sealed in then had two options. If they went back to their cells that was it. The alarm would turn off and the doors would be able to open again. If they chose to try their luck they faced the guard dog of the prison. Execute had a place he could sit up near the top of the gates that gave him line of sight on the entire prison. He would post up there with a rifle and shoot any attempted escapees. Many a “bulletproof” super had found out a terrible truth about a shot fired with his power behind it.

“If any of them ever manage to kill me they will find that the ventilation is tied to the doors allowing air through them.” Execute finished his explanation as they got to the apartment he lived in and he welcomed them into the sitting room. “This is Heroine…” He began to introduce them to the person the Twenty-Seven had sent but they waved his introduction away.

“Hello Lianne, did John come with or is it just you?” Orpheus asked

“Orpheus and Lily. It’s good to see you two again. John is dealing with some fallout right now.” Lianne’s face grew tight and she seemed uncomfortable “Light went mad at a charity function last night and John was forced to kill him.”

Orpheus let out a low whistle. Fallout was the light way of putting it. “Am I missing something? Who is John” Execute asked.

“John is Hero.” Lily informed him.

“Oh shit, that could have some bad consequences. Was that the first time he had to kill someone.” Lianne nodded her head and Execute let out a low whistle of his own. “Damn, first kill being one of your own is pretty bad. Psychiatrists are going to be picking at him for at least a few months just to make sure he is ready to come back out.”

“Yeah so here I am on my own. The shrinks had him tied up when I left so I didn’t even get to tell him I was heading out.” Lianne had never seemed the type to be annoyed but she was noticeably perturbed by the situation.

“Crap, I remember the first villain I killed. I was a police sniper when my power kicked in and I got given the order to fire on a Brick that had been taking some of those rage drugs that were going around. They had intended to do it as a distraction for the heroes coming in but I put him down without any effort.” Execute said.

“I still haven’t had to kill someone.” Lianne shared.

“I killed Fear at that haunted house thing last year. I had been so angry with her at the time and too tired to think about it after the fact.” Lily thought for a minute “You know I think this is the first time I’ve thought about it.”

They turned to Orpheus expectantly “Let’s see…if you don’t count monsters the first time I ever killed was when those four guys attacked the wedding. I think I killed Bomb first.” Orpheus shrugged “One of the things Sage told me right off the bat was that I would end up having to kill so I didn’t worry about it. Not to mention that this damn power always pushes me and tries to make me kill.”

“Wait powers can do that?” Lianne seemed surprised.

“Did you not know that?” Lily asked. She wasn’t proud of it but she still kind of disliked Lianne “Have you not ever felt your power urge you to do something.”

The proximity alarm ended the conversation before it could continue and the doors settled into their place with a massive thud. “It looks like a sizable group.” Execute called out as he looked at the external camera feed. “No one out there is known to have an ability that makes them dangerous to the door so we might just have to wait it out.”

“Yeah that doesn’t sound like a good idea.” Orpheus said as he joined him at the monitors. “Does the guy touching the door seem familiar to you?”

“Crap is that Chill. I thought he was locked up in The Pit.” Execute cursed.

“He was supposed to be.” Lianne’s annoyance at the day grew. “So, I’m guessing he is just going to try to freeze us out.  We’ll have to open the door to face them and then they can come in and keep us distracted with sheer numbers.”

Lily turned to Orpheus and cocked her head at the door “Do you think we could try that thing we’ve been working on?”

“You probably could. I would need to be able to cut all the lights to have a chance.” Orpheus responded.

“I can cut the lights easily enough, But what are you two talking about?” Execute asked.

Lily beamed and turned to him “We are going to fight them from behind the door.”

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