“The game is tag. You will be chasing me and trying to tag me. Anything goes.” Orpheus instructed Sarah when they stepped out for training.

“Let’s make it more interesting. I want to know the answer to the question you asked a few days ago, I want you to tell me what your power is if I win.” She was issuing a challenge to him and he couldn’t deny it.

“Fine but what do I get if I win?” Orpheus asked. “You know what” he interrupted what she had been going to say “I don’t care. You have yourself a bet” and with that he shot into the air.

She leapt into the air after him and they took off. After they had been going for a while Sarah started to talk “You know you gave me nightmares with that whole monsters’ thing.”

“Were you the one being monstered or was it someone close to you?” He responded as he shot down into the canyon they were over.

“Someone close. I was stuck there watching her get turned and I couldn’t do anything.” She shot down after him and used her better maneuverability to inch closer to him.

“I was on the other side in my nightmares. I was on the block being turned and I knew that the people I cared about would be among my first victims. Of course, mine had a little more weight to it.”

“Oh really” Sarah muttered under her breath. Orpheus had a habit of saying just a little more than was necessary. Sarah hadn’t figured out if this was intentional or not. She’d also found him muttering to himself when he was watching the news like he was having a debate with himself, suggested that it might not be. “I never asked. How are you flying so smoothly? Katherine said that you launched yourself to fly” She yelled over the roar of the wind whipping by.

“I am.” It was a simple answer and one Sarah had been expecting but it was still useful. Sarah had been digging through some records Sage had procured for her behind Orpheus’s back and the previous person to hold Railgun wouldn’t have been able to fly quite this smoothly. Orpheus held up a hand to get her attention “Pause for a minute.” She came to a halt as he touched down. They were at a big church with armed security out front. Sarah recognized the matched suits instantly. The guards belonged to the Atlas Security company. Just beneath the suits was a complex piece of super tech that would grant each agent the strength to at least throw cars. Their presence around the church confirmed that this was the church that Hero and Heroine were having their wedding at. Orpheus handed one of the men an envelope that he had pulled out of his pocket and the air shook. He shot back into the air next to her “Sorry about that, family business.”

Sarah was about to say that it wasn’t a problem when a strange figure started walking up the road. He seemed to be little more than a silhouette or a shadow but he was still there. Behind him were a few known criminals. Brick was the most noticeable of the criminals, he stood around 6’4’’ and was built like a wall, he was a well-known mercenary and enforcer for hire. Next was Bomb, a raving lunatic who could produce explosions from any part of his body, rumor had it that he had forced his predecessor to give up his power. The third guy was a guy nobody had expected to go evil, when he had been a hero he had gone by Paragon but recent news articles had dubbed him Fallen Paragon. Before Hero had come on to the scene Paragon had been the de-facto hero of the world. He could fly at upwards of Mach 3, use tanks as weapons and was resistant to all but the heaviest of ordnance. His power had waned after Hero came on the scene and people had thought he would retire. Instead he had put on a darker suit, he was one of the heroes who wore spandex, and started fighting with a new brutality. After he killed senator by impaling him with a crunched-up school bus Hero had been sent to stop him. Ever since then the two had been fighting, Hero always won but Paragon was back fighting him a month or so later. For all that power though he still seemed to be following the man in silhouette.

Go Home” Orpheus’s voice echoed behind her. The air shook and cracked as he spoke and Sarah found herself jetting off towards home. The last thing she saw as the church faded from view was Orpheus set down in front of the men.

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