Lily woke in her room, much to her chagrin, and looked around. Orpheus was there in a bean bag she had ordered a few weeks into living at the house. He was sleeping, surprisingly enough, and his dreams weren’t pleasant. He jolted up in a cold sweat and saw her sitting there staring at him. They sat and stared at each other for several minutes. Lily had been intending to yell at him but she felt bad yelling at him after the way he woke up and Orpheus was wondering if he should say something or if it was smarter to stay silent. They were interrupted by Sarah’s squeal of delight coming from the door, that had been opened while they were distracted staring at each other. They looked at the door where Sarah was floating and groaned. “Sarah, I know you want to start in but I need you to do something for me. I want you to get Jane and Katherine and wait for me in the living room. I have some announcements to make before people start training.” Orpheus said as he stood up. His voice was level and serious and took Sarah’s excitement down a few levels but she still floated down the hall and gathered the others. While she was waking them Orpheus walked over to where Lily was sitting and offered her his hand “We should go before she gets the chance to talk their ears off.”

She took his hand and pulled herself out of bed. Once she was standing she socked him in the stomach. It was like hitting a brick wall and her hand started to ache immediately after she punched him. “Geez, what are you made of? That hurt my hand.” She shook her hand out “Anyway, let her talk. I have more important things on my mind, like how did you put me to sleep?”

“Both of your questions have the same answer. That is all I’m going to give you.” He chuckled and walked over to the window. “Let’s give them something to think about.” He said as he opened the window “See you downstairs.” He said before he jumped out of the window.

Lily joined the other girls downstairs, where Sarah was already regaling them with how she had found Orpheus in Lily’s room. Lily decided that she had to put a stop to this before it got out of hand “It wasn’t like that. I stayed up waiting for him to come back.” Sarah giggled “Shush you, He didn’t come back until late and I had conked out on the sofa. After he came back he helped me up to bed and then apparently crashed on my bean bag chair.”

Jane started humming hot for teacher when Orpheus came out his room and interrupted her “Glad to see you all are so peppy today.” Sarah stared at him trying to figure out how he had gotten past her. “Spin those wheels Sarah, you will get there in time.” Orpheus smiled and walked to in front of the TV. He clapped his hands together to make sure he had their attention and addressed them “First off I am proud of you all. You have gotten good enough at controlling your abilities that I am certain that you won’t spiral out of control anymore, and you did it faster than Sage thought you would. That means it is time for me to start doing the job Sage specifically wanted me to do. From here on out I will be directly working with you all in training. This can mean anything from us driving out to a suitable training location, to a sparring session, to taking you into town to talk to other supers. As usual you are free to do whatever you want but I would strongly encourage you to listen to what I have to say when we are training.” Orpheus took a deep breath and let what he had said sink in. When enough time had passed he continued “That is the good news. The bad news is that today I will be talking about monsters. Specifically, I am going to tell you where they come from.”

It was Katherine who started asking questions first “Wait what do you mean where they come from? The news keeps saying that the government doesn’t know where they come from, how can you know?”

Orpheus sighed and sat down on the floor “Sage has refused to tell them because he didn’t want to start a panic. Knowing that, I will now give you a chance to leave. I think you should know this but it is not required to continue training.” None of them budged an inch. They had all ended up on the edge of their seats and they wanted to know, or at least they thought they did. “Monsters are us so to speak. I know that doesn’t sound very panic inducing at first but think about it. Monsters, the creatures that have torn down whole cities in seconds, can only come about from people with powers. Specifically, they are what happens when someone gets more than one power.” There was stifled gasp at that but it was more from surprise than fear. It was common knowledge that a person only got one power, sure a power like Hero got the ability to fly and juggle cars but it was still just one power. “Yeah and the way it usually happens is not good either. Someone can only be given an extra ability if they are killed or tortured to near death and a powered person does the ritual to pass on their abilities. This gives them both powers and the powers fight with each other. They mutate the body until it can handle both abilities.” Orpheus rubbed his pale arm and steadied himself. “The worst part is that if they eat someone with a power they add that power to their own and get bigger.”

Jane leaned back in her chair “That’s dark but it doesn’t explain why there have been so many more…” She almost finished her question before she realized the answer. There had been more monsters recently and no one knew why it was happening, but knowledge of how monsters were created gave a very big clue as to what was happening.

Orpheus stood up. “The facilities are all open if you need to go do something to take your mind off of it and the whole team will be available if you want to call anyone and talk to them about it. Please do not spread this information to anyone.” Orpheus looked sad at the last part and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. He knew they would have questions and he knew that it wouldn’t seem real to them for a few hours. He had been the same way when he found out.

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