“What is my power?”

It had been several months since the cookout and the start of the girls’ training. They had started by working on controlling their respective elements. Once they had started to get used to the routine Orpheus had asked them to meet in the living room for a few hours in the middle of the day. They weren’t allowed to train at all during this time.

“Something to do with shooting things from what I could tell.” Jane answered.

“Tank’s lips said Railgun when he was talking to you.” Sarah added. Originally the other girls had thought her a bit of an airhead but she had shown herself to be incredibly intelligent. She revealed to the group that before she had even come to the house she had learned how to use her power to make it so she didn’t have to pause to take a breath. Hearing that she could read lips that well was no surprise to anyone anymore.

“What if I told you that is not my power?” Orpheus asked.

“We would be back to square one.” Katherine answered.

“But we would have something else to put our minds to than just how to use our powers.” Lily continued.

“Exactly so I ask again. What is my power?”

“Needed your power is needed.” Wizards voice came from behind them. “We have a double. I’m sending you to the second site. We had enough warning to evacuate everyone who was there.”

“Talk it over. I’ll be back soon.” Orpheus yelled as he threw himself from his chair into the portal Wizard had opened in front of him. As soon as Orpheus was through Wizard closed the portal and opened one, to a different location, in front of himself.

The girls didn’t know what to make of what had just happened. Sarah had the first, and most plausible, theory “Did they just take Orpheus to go fight a monster?”

“Seems like it. He said site two though. Does that mean that more than one monster appeared?” Lily turned to Sarah as she asked.

“Wait, they wouldn’t send Orpheus against a monster, alone would they?” Katherine asked with growing concern.

“No, no not even Tank faces those things alone and Hero brought in the other members of the Twenty-Six the one time he had to fight one. They wouldn’t send Orpheus in alone.”

“Unless he could beat it.” Lily quietly said what they had all been thinking.

“He did break Pluto.” Sarah pointed out. The news had broken about Pluto a few weeks ago and it had gotten the public in an uproar. The government refused to divulge who had destroyed it and Sage wasn’t giving anyone a satisfactory answer on it. The super powered community had been in shock at the sheer destructive capability of a power that could do that and only had a few guesses as to who would be capable of that. The hero known as Kill Shot had been dogged by the media until Hero and Heroine had announced their plans to get married. In fact, after they had announced their forth coming marriage the news had stopped reporting on the loss of Pluto, except for the occasional update.

“How do you think that happened?” Jane asked the room.

“James told Orpheus to go all out but aim it at space in case it was too much for the planet to handle. He said he accidentally hit Pluto.” Lily answered, not knowing that no one else in the room had any idea about that.

Sarah was floating a few inches of the ground, a side effect of being excited about something. “You and him have been hanging out alone a lot. Is there something you want to tell us?”

“Are you and he…” Katherine let the implication of the question hang there.

“No!” Lily turned beet red. “We are friends. We just happen to have a lot of things in common.”

“You’re so adorable when you blush.” Jane said as she started laughing. “Don’t worry we won’t tell him.”

Sarah looked at the door as if expecting Orpheus to walk through saying “Tell me what?” but he didn’t come through the door then.

In fact, he didn’t come through the door until well into the night. The other girls had all gone to sleep and it was just Lily up watching the news when Orpheus walked into the living room. The clothes he had been wearing were gone, replaced by a track suit that was just slightly too big on him. “I thought you would be asleep by now” He said to her, the exhaustion hanging on every word.

“I wanted to be here when you got back.” She clutched the couch pillow to her chest. “What happened to your clothes?”

“Promise not to tell?” He waited for her to nod. “They got messed up in the fight. The right side was completely burnt off.” He finished closing the door and slumped down into his chair. “What’s on?”

“Some late-night show. They are making jokes about the upcoming wedding between Hero and Heroine. Are you going?”

“Only if I’m invited and I told Lianne that she shouldn’t invite me if she didn’t want me to show so I don’t think I will be going.”

“But it’s your brother’s wedding. How can you not go?”

“I think you answered that question yourself. It’s my brother’s wedding. I don’t want him at mine so why would I go to his.”

“Speaking of your wedding” Orpheus cursed under his breath. “I told you about my dream wedding and then you didn’t share. Cough up bub, what is the great Orpheus’s dream wedding.”

“I didn’t think about it before last night.” Orpheus sighed “All I know is that James called being my best man and Wizard called throwing my bachelor party. I guess I don’t really care if my wife is happy.”

“Good answer. Let’s see what else can I ask you? Oh, what would your dream vacation be?”

“I’m quite good where I am right now.” Orpheus smiled and leaned his chair back, closing his eyes in the process. It was his signal that it was getting late and that she should get to sleep. Lily huffed and went upstairs to go to bed. Orpheus waited until she had closed her door before he got up and went into his room. He pulled off the top he was wearing and checked out the damage. His skin was all pale where he had been hit but at least he wouldn’t ever get a scar.

“What happened?” He heard Lily’s voice from behind him. He turned around to find her standing in his doorway. “I’ve never seen you as tired as you just were and I know for a fact that you don’t sleep every night.”

“Don’t tell the others but I lost my right arm in the fight today. That’s where I was all day. The fight only took a few minutes but it took most of the day for my arm to grow back.” She was confused so he decided that if he trusted her this far he should tell her everything. “I got dropped into the area and was too busy making sure everyone was actually gone instead of looking for the monster. It found me and ambushed me. I managed to avoid losing my head but it took my arm with acid. I lost an arm and almost my head because a monster got the jump on me and all I can think is, what if it had had some mind control ability. What damage could it have done with me as it’s weapon.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. Most people can’t even fight those things. Plus, they are just giant monsters they don’t actually have powers, do they?” She was trying to make him feel better and he was grateful for it but it wasn’t helping.

“Go to bed Lily. You need sleep.” He sat on his bed and stared at her.

“I’m not leaving while you are this mopey and you can’t make me.” She plopped down next to him and leaned on him. “You said you would help me deal with people. Let me help you with this.”

“Thank you Lily but seriously you do need to sleep.” The word sleep reverberated around the room and Lily felt her eyes grow heavy. Orpheus picked her up as slumber took her and carried her to her room. The lesson he was going to have to teach them tomorrow wasn’t a pleasant one and he wanted her to get one last goodnight’s sleep before he let the metaphorical cat out of the bag.

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