Jane had to admit that the movie was much better than she had expected. When she had heard that a movie of Detective Conan, the show about a detective set in a world without powers, she had been skeptical but it had felt like a longer episode so it had been good. Sarah and Katherine thought that it had been excellent and had been talking about it ever since. Sarah had managed to pull herself away from the conversation long enough to ask if they could stop by and see her dad, he was in town for a conference and wanted to meet them. It had been close to where they had parked so no one had objected and thus the girls found themselves seated in a lovely little café for what Sarah’s dad had dubbed “afternoon tea”.

After the usual pleasantries, had been exchanged Sarah’s dad started asking questions. “I must say that I was surprised to hear that it wasn’t Sage who was teaching you. I couldn’t find much on this Orpheus guy you told me about. What is he like? Should I be expecting to meet him sometime soon?”

Sarah laughed and said “No Dad, he is just our instructor, well he is more than that to Lily but only to Lily.” She sipped at her tea and continued “He seemed fairly average at first but he calls Hero brother and was able to completely man-handle him when they argued.”

“At least he is strong. I would have to be a little peeved with Sage if he had left my daughter in the hands of someone who couldn’t protect her.” Sarah’s dad nodded to himself as he spoke as if he were agreeing with himself as he spoke.

“You don’t know the half of it.” Sarah joked. “Lily told us about something he said after we had gone to sleep. He was on the phone with Heroine and told her that if the whole of the Twenty-Six tried to take him down he would win. The guy fights monsters, alone.” She let the weight of what she had said sink in and her dad paled a little. They would have continued talking but a pair of men in masks ran into the café and started demanding wallets.

“Everyone do what we say and maybe we won’t kill you.” The burlier of the men announced as people began to cower. Sarah and Katherine took that as their que to spring into action.

The hot tea splashed into the big guy’s face while his friend found himself sailing across the room to hit a wall and get pressed up against it. Katherine kicked the gun away from the big guy when he dropped it to wipe off his face. She kept the tea in his eyes even though he kept trying to wipe it away. “Your friend is incapacitated and if you move you will start drowning. Lay still and wait for the cops.” Katherine ordered the burly man as she moved some water to cover his mouth and nose. The combination of the lack of sight and threat of drowning stilled the burly man.

Jane saw the third guy coming through the back door. He had a rifle raised and was pointing it at the back of Sarah’s head. Jane readied a ball of fire but hesitated. She had been intending to melt the gun but the heat required to do that would almost certainly kill the guy if she hit him instead. She saw everyone along the trail the fire would take and worried about what would happen if she couldn’t control it and the fire grew as it flew.

The click and boom of a gun brought her out of her fear fueled thoughts worried that her hesitation had gotten Sarah hurt. The spray of blood coming from the gunman’s hand told a different story. A gun discharged again and she realized that it had come from behind her.  She couldn’t describe the man she saw even though she was looking right at him, his features just melted out of her head as she took note of them.

His second shot had killed the gunman and he walked up to Jane and looked her in the eyes “You froze.” It wasn’t a question but she nodded her head anyway “You are Fire, you don’t freeze you don’t think you act.” With his piece said he left and shot the other two men on his way out.”

“Who the hell was that guy?” Katherine asked after he left the building.

No one in the restaurant could answer, most of them couldn’t even remember if he had been wearing a hat, save one person. Sarah’s dad called the girls over to him and spoke low so that only they could hear “That was Assassin. He’s my bodyguard.”

The girls had had many questions for Sarah’s dad afterwards but the police and a hero had arrived shortly after she said that so they were forced to spend their time answering questions. The hero had demanded to talk to their teacher when they told him that they were still in training but he had gone limp and said that there would be no further questions after he got Orpheus on the phone. Unfortunately, by the time that had happened Sarah’s dad had left for a meeting and they had to hold on to their questions.

“Anyone have anything else they wanted to do?” Jane asked, twirling the keys in her hand to signal her vote. Both other girls shook their heads no.

Back at the house the girls discussed what had happened and decided that it was better if they didn’t think about it too much. Jane couldn’t help herself though and she played back the scene of the guy pulling the trigger over and over in her mind.