Orpheus pointed to the switch on the steering wheel that had a covering “That’s the force field switch. Triggering that will stop the car from moving but it can take sustained fire equivalent to a pair of mini-guns.”

“So only hit it when I can’t out drive the problem?” Jane jokingly asked.

“Yes.” Orpheus answered simply. It had caught Jane off guard so she wasn’t ready when he threw her the keys. If her power hadn’t been boosting her reaction time they would have hit her in the face. Instead she caught them just before they hit her but didn’t do it very gracefully. She hid her slip up by climbing into the driver’s seat and starting up the car.

“Should we come back straight away after the movies or will you two be out late?” Katherine asked coyly. Orpheus and Lily had been spending more and more time together lately and the other girls had noticed. The usual teasing had occurred despite both saying that there was nothing going on but it hadn’t helped. To make matters worse Jane had come in talking about going to see a movie a few days ago, and Sarah and Katherine had jumped at the idea. Orpheus had opted out, they weren’t fans of crowds, and had instead decided to go have a picnic in the mountains since it was one of the last viable days they could do that. Autumn would bring heavy rains, just like it did every year, and the cool off that followed would make it too cold for a picnic to be comfortable.

“You can’t have a picnic at night.” Lily said, feigning ignorance about what they were implying. “After all you can’t eat very well in the dark.” She added.

Sarah looked like she wanted to say something but Katherine silenced her with a swift elbow that went unnoticed since no one was looking at the two. They climbed into the car with Jane and waved goodbye as the car started down the road.

As the car got out of sight Lily picked up the picnic basket and wrapped her free arm around Orpheus. “Ready?” He inquired as he grabbed a hold of her and started to lift off. When she nodded her head, he started actually flying towards the mountains. He had taken her flying a couple of times since returning from the wedding and she had started enjoying herself but he still kept close to the ground to make her feel better.

The spot Orpheus had picked wasn’t far from where Katherine had done her training, in fact if you peaked over the hill they laid their blanket on you could see it. “It’s beautiful.” Lily gasped when she was willing to open her eyes. They had landed in a clearing in the wooded area of the mountain and there were flowers everywhere. This hill Orpheus had spread the blanket out on was the only part of the clearing that didn’t have flowers on it.

“I’m glad you like it.” Orpheus responded, and plucked a flower from the nearby ground. He looped it through her hair and sat down on the blanket. She plopped down next to him and they looked out at the flowers. Hours passed as they just sat there looking out at the flowers. Finally, the silence got to Orpheus and he turned to Lily. She met his gaze and they stayed like that for several minutes. Lily was the first to crack and she started laughing. Orpheus joined her in laughter and they collapsed on to the blanket.

“We are going to have to tell them that they’re right sooner or later.” Lily said as the pulled away from each other.

“I vote later. Besides I think we might not be the only ones.” Orpheus responded. Lily cocked an eyebrow and Orpheus continued “I’ve heard Sarah’s voice late at night after you go to sleep. She is talking to someone and Katherine has almost let slip that she is seeing someone on more than one occasion.”

“They have been pretty close lately but I thought that was just because of their similar backgrounds.” Lily pondered it for a minute. “Oh, I am so not letting them live this one down.”

“No.” Orpheus interjected “We have to save that one. Don’t let them realize that we know and see what lengths they are willing to go to try and keep it a secret.” They continued like that, talking about how to milk the situation for fun, until they were interrupted by their rumbling stomachs.

Once they had eaten they went back to laying down on the blanket and cuddling. It was the most peaceful and safe either of them had felt in a very long time. That peace didn’t get broken until they got home and the other girls told them about how their day went.

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