“People in the business like to make plans but everyone knows that no plan survives contact with the enemy. They are wrong. There is one plan that always survives contact with the enemy because it is the first plan you ever make. It is the type of plan that will work but you hope never to use it. We call this Plan Z.

Plan Z is not elegant. Plan Z is not subtle. Plan Z is not fun. Plan Z will get someone killed. But it will work. When the day comes that you have to use Plan Z make peace with your team and say whatever farewells you have to because someone isn’t coming home. With that said you are probably wondering what Plan Z is. The sharper among you have already figured it out.

Plan Z: Kill Everything.”

John had been on several bio-hazard jobs that went terrible but this one surprised him. The testing facility had been outside the city which usually meant that they were going to see some monstrosity of flesh or sentient plant monsters. John had been ready for that. John had not been ready for fully functional guards to open up on him the minute he stepped inside. If he had been human that would have been his death but he had left that behind a long time ago. Instead the rounds thudded against his chest plate and bulletproof jacket. His responding fire cut the guards down.

E was the next one through the door. The boy was smart and had picked up the door John had kicked open and was using it as a shield. “This just got a whole lot worse, didn’t it?”

“Maybe, they were to calm for any of the rage viruses to have taken them and they don’t appear to be mutated.” John responded. John pulled out an air checker, it had some fancy name that no one remembered, and checked the readouts. “The checker doesn’t show anything but keep the suit on just to be safe.”

“Why aren’t you wearing one of these suits?” E asked as he took up a position covering the hall John had started going down.

“Only thing human I have left is a brain. I’m safer walking around than you are in the suit. Also, I have an experimental nanite system in me which is supposed to protect me from just about everything.”

John’s pistols and E’s machine gun mowed down two more guards who had come to see what the commotion was. “Jeez, I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone going that cyborged. I would have thought you would have been on the news.”

“Hell no, I was effectively a corpse they recovered from a job that went bad. I was so off the books that they didn’t let me go outside for almost a year. How old are you?”

“Twenty-six, why do you ask?”

“Heh, you would have been one year old when this happened. I doubt you were paying that much attention to the news back then.”

“Wait how old are you?” E asked incredulously.

“I stopped keeping track at some point but I think I’m in my eighties.” John chuckled. The others joined them in the hallway and brought their weapons up. H had one of the pulse cannons and Jr. was carrying both but not pointing any down the hallway. “Weapons up Jr. you don’t want to get surprised and not have something handy.”

She grumbled but readied her machine gun anyway. They moved through the facility taking out guards as they went. “Is it just me or do these people seem a little suicidal?” Jr. said as she shot down another one.

John came walking back into the room covered in blood. “It’s not just them. I found a room with researchers in it and they tried to attack me with needles and scalpels. They could have just locked the door and hid but instead they charged me.” He was wiping his jacket off when H pounced on him and tried to stab him with the stunner arm. John’s responding kick sent him into the wall with a sickening crack. “Check to see if his suit was breached. That’s an order.” Jr. was too stunned to know what to do but E immediately went to work when John had given the order. They both checked over the suit and couldn’t find any breaches. “I want you kids out of here now. If I’m not out soon I want you to seal the door and leave. Reynolds will know what to do from there.” E nodded and snatched up Jr..

John continued on, leaving the body of H where it had fallen, and kept dispatching anyone he found in the building who was hostile. He was looking at a door marked Containment when E came over the coms “I got her out boss but I’m not going with.” He sounded sad.

“Why is that?” John had a guess at what the answer was going to be, he had heard that tone many times before.

“I hear whispering in my head. The whispers are telling me to kill you all. I can’t put her at risk.” There was a certainty in his voice that John had heard only a few times before.

“Kid, hold up in the lobby and don’t do anything rash. I might be able to get you out of here.”

There was a dead scientist holding the doors to Containment open with a file clutched in his hands. John picked up the file and read it carefully. He grimaced at what he saw and stepped into the Containment area.

The door had actually been the entrance to an elevator which lead deep underground. In that deep place John found an unlocked room with a little sign on the door that said “My Room” in flowery letters. Steadying himself, knowing what he would find, he opened the door and went inside.”

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