Hero took a moment to adjust his costume before stepping into the room. “Glad you could join us.” One of the members of The Council on Superhuman Affairs said mockingly.

“Control yourself Stephens.” One of the other members chastised him. The same member cleared his throat to signal the start of the meeting “As you were already made aware there was a recent development in Metro City.”

Hero didn’t need to clear his throat, his power made sure there was never any blockage, but he had found it was more polite than just interrupting the member of the council. “I believe you are referring to the fact that Silvia Stans, former holder of Silver, has joined the Unstoppable Force team with a new ability. That has been a subject of discussion among the members of the Twenty-Six and we’ve decided to not worry about it.”

The members of the council exploded at his announcement and once they had settled down the voice of the mocking councilman rose above the others and asked “Do you realize that what you are saying could be taken as treason?”

Hero never let any emotion enter his voice “Why? Sage won’t tell us how they did it and we can’t force them to tell us how it happened without starting a war. So, members of the council, would you like to start a war?”

The same council member answered “They would be foolish to go to war with us. With you and the other members of the Twenty-six…”

“And now I have to give you the bad news. After the thing with Light most of the other members are retiring.” Hero interrupted him. Another uproar but one that he ended by raising his hand flew from the members of the council “He still have all of us heavy hitters. Speed is taking on a larger role and my wife and I are doing more patrols.”

“Before anyone calls the guards I would like to say that this was not my idea.” Orpheus said after Wizard pushed him through the portal to the council room. “Tank and I did rock paper scissors to see who had to do this, and I lost.”

“What is he doing here?” A council member asked.

“I asked Sage to drop him off so he could answer some of your questions.” Hero stepped to the side and let Orpheus take center.

Orpheus sighed “Alright we are going to do things my way.” He pointed at one of the council men “You shall be silent until I leave” The demonstration of Command leached the air out of the room as one of the more vocal members of the council found himself unable to make a noise. “That guy was a jerk when I was living under you all so he doesn’t get to ask question.” A shadowy tendril snatched the member’s phone from in front of him and deposited it in Orpheus’s hand. “Also, no texting to get around this.”

The End, as he had become known to his minions, clapped as his counterpart shifted the power in the meeting from the government officials to himself. “Good job kiddo. Now we just have to get you to overthrow these idiots and everything can be back on track.”

“On track for what?” War asked, he had been spending a lot more time around the man who had walked him and named himself king villain and found that he liked the man.

The End mused over whether or not to tell War before shrugging and going ahead with it “It’s called The Reclamation. Basically, I take over all of the villains and Orpheus leads the heroes against me. It’s the biggest war that will ever be.”

War laughed “Then I can’t wait for it either. I hope it comes before I die.”

The End placed a hand on War’s aging frame and a golden light enveloped him. He almost jumped back when the scars on his hands began to heal and the ache in his bones faded away. “Now you will. At least you will as long as you survive the mission I will have for you soon.”

War flexed the body that he had had in his youth and felt his power ripple inside him. It was stirring like it hadn’t in years. “I’m yours to command.”

The End pulled up a profile on Villain and opened the attached video files. Each was from a security camera and they all showed him meeting with other villains and trying his hardest not to be seen. “Villain is intending a coup so I’ve fed him false information about a meeting I am going to in Metro City. You will go in my stead and kill as many of his cohorts as you can before the heroes arrive. Then I want you to surrender so I can find where The Abyss is.”

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