“Where are we?” The child asked as he stepped through one of Wizard’s portals. It was the day he got his troublesome power removed and he had been surprised when, instead of going into Doctor’s office like he had anticipated his parents had driven him to a meeting with Wizard who had made a portal to a building he didn’t recognize.

“It’s an offsite location so that if anyone wants to try and jump us and steal the power we will know long before they get here.” Tank informed him. Tank had been waiting for them when they came through the portal and opened the door to the house they would be using as a base.

Orpheus raised his head from where he had been half napping inside and added “If someone does try to do that we will be here to handle them.” This had been the first thing he and Lily had been asked to do upon returning from their vacation and he was still on vacation scheduling. Lily was sitting next to him and trying to finish the book she had been reading on vacation.

“Why’s she here?” Wizard asked when he came through the portal.

“Because I asked her to be and she wants to be.” Orpheus answered.

Wizard was about to ask again but then he realized that if anything did happen Lily was better suited to protecting the civilians then even he was. Tank, tiring of holding the door open, walked inside and lead the kid to the room where Doctor and his assistant were waiting. The next portal opened to where Silver was waiting. “Hi guys, where is the rest of your team?” She greeted Orpheus and Lily as she stepped through.

“I here it’s going to be your team too.” Lily greeted her “Anyway Sage is still considering bringing us in on situations like this so I’m the only one here.”

“Which reminds me, you know why we are actually all here right?” Orpheus asked.

“The monster thing right. Yeah that was a lot to digest when Tank told me.” Silver answered.

“Right, if that goes down I want you and Lily to get the civilians away and stay with them. Not to be rude or anything but those things hit hard and if you aren’t as durable as at least Wizard you could get seriously hurt.” Orpheus’s voice was serious and tinged with just a hint of fear.

“How bad could it really be?” Silver asked.

Wizard started preparing the emergency exit portal and paused to answer, “The air pressure of the last one me and Tank faced leveled a five-story building and Orpheus lost an arm to the one he fought.”

“On to less depressing topics.” Lily interjected. “Do you want to keep going by Silver when this is all done or is there something else we can call you?”

Silver thought about it for a moment and finally decided “You can just call me Silvia. It was what I was called before I got the power and going by Metal isn’t very appealing.”

Wizard tapped the place where a watch would be “Speaking of this is a fairly quick procedure so Tank should be done explaining it.”

“See you on the other side.” Silvia said as Wizard led her inside.

The “other side” took about ten minutes and came when the door flew open and Wizard pushed Doctor, the kid, and Silvia through the open portal. “Worst case scenario.” He yelled to Orpheus and turned back towards whatever was in the room. Lily jumped through the portal and erected a wall of stone behind her but it didn’t matter as by the time she had pulled herself up from the ground the portal was closed.

When the portal closed Orpheus crashed through the wall “What happened?” He yelled as the dust settled.

Tank threw a chair at the blob that had been Doctor’s assistant and it bounced of its silver like skin. “Turns out the assistant had a power that he didn’t inform us about.” Wizard began to glow with magical energy as he activated his shields “Maneuvering is going to be hard in this building.”

Orpheus’s hand erupted in an explosion strong enough to blow the walls of the building and clear up some space for them to maneuver. He and Wizard shot out away from the monster and took up the positions Tank called to them. With an uppercut that would have shattered concrete Tank sent the monster hurtling into the air. Orpheus pulled a tree out of the ground and aimed it at the sun. When the creature began to fall Wizard opened a portal underneath it and dropped it right in front of where Orpheus was aiming. The tree flew from his hands and practically disintegrated against the monster’s skin but it served its purpose as Orpheus pressed his hand against its silvery hide and sent it hurtling into space like a bullet.

With the creature gone the three settled down and the tense situation dissolved into laughter. “That was way easier than last time.” Titan said as he settled into the remains of the house and looked at where the monster had been. “How much force did you use?” He asked Orpheus.

“All three of us make this a lot easier, and I used about half of Railgun’s capabilities.” Orpheus collapsed on to the ground, all the panic having drained him more than the fight itself.

Wizard cracked a smile “So, same time next week?”

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