“Tonight, we have a star-studded group of guests to discuss the topic of secret identities. To start off why don’t we go with the team leader whose whole team was revealed. From the Unstoppable Force team Ms. Sarah Hammersmithe.” The studio audience clapped as Sarah entered from the right side of the stage. “Welcome Sarah, can I call you Sarah?” The host was doing his best to be charming and make the whole situation more palatable. Having your identity outed by a reporter was a rare thing these days, mostly because it was career suicide for the reporter, and the fact that her whole team had been outed made people think that she would be touchy about the subject.

She wasn’t and her practiced smile put everyone at ease “I don’t mind it one way or the other.”

“Happy to hear it. With you requesting we refer to you as Air last time we here at the station were wondering how you were handling it. So how are you and you team dealing with this?”

Sarah gave a polite half-smile “Katherine and I had always figured we would have our identities revealed due to our somewhat public lives. Jane was the one who we were all the most concerned about. My father has Assassin watching his back so there wasn’t much of a threat to him and Katherine’s family live in a gated community with their own security team. Jane’s family on the other hand. We were all nervous when the news broke that her family might be in danger but it is a reality we have to live with now.”

The host nodded his head “From what I understand the video you gave us is part of your plan to combat this threat and while I would like to get to it immediately I need to bring out our other guests.” Sarah nodded to show that she didn’t mind and the host checked his que to introduce the other two guests for the night. “To give a unique insight into having a secret identity we have the enigmatic Cloak of the Metro City Defenders. She has maintained her secret identity since she first came on to the scene and is still an unknown.”

“Thank you.” Cloak said from the chair next to Sarah. The host jumped when he heard her since he had been expecting her to come out, not already be in the room. Cloak was in her full costume, complete with face obscuring mask and cloak, which served to hide all of her features from the cameras. She gave halfhearted wave to the cameras but made no other move to speak.

Once he had regained his composure the host continued “My last guest is easily one of the most recognized faces in the heroing world but continues to use his hero name. It is my pleasure to present Hero.”

Hero floated to the seat opposite Sarah “It’s my pleasure to be here. I must say I’m quite interested in this video you brought as well.”

“Well then, Sarah would you like to introduce the video in any way?” The host asked.

Sarah smiled, a more wicked smile than she would usually use for a thing like this “Tank has a message for people thinking about coming after our families.”

As she finished the lights dimmed and the TVs around the station flicked on so everyone in the audience could see it properly. Tank’s face filled the screen and his voice was cold and calm “If you touch their families I will kill you.” It was barely ten seconds long but the silence that followed lasted for a full minute.

Cloak broke the silence “That seems like an effective strategy. Would I be right in guessing that more than one of those videos was recorded?”

Sarah shrugged “Wizard clearly tried to but he doesn’t seem to be the best with technology and Orpheus felt that we should just use the clip from when we made our debut into the heroing world.”

“Ah yes, Orpheus is the fifth member of your team correct. I understand he didn’t bother with an identity when you all first started. Is it because something about his ability makes him hard to remember?” The host asked.

Sarah was glad she had asked Orpheus if he was alright revealing a secret if it meant deflecting a question about his power. “Not exactly. Most of his records were wiped by Sage as payment for working with him and well.” Sarah gestured at Hero “If you want to go after his family there he is. Who thinks it will be worth it.”

There was a gasp from the audience, Cloak even seemed stunned by the revelation of the familial bonds between Orpheus and Hero. The host silently wished he hadn’t stopped drinking as another unexpected surprise threw him for a loop. Still he managed to regain his senses and ask Hero “Is Orpheus actually related to you?”

Hero sighed “He is my step-brother and yes he was at the graduation as well. Also, no I don’t know what his ability is. I just know it’s strong.”  He had been wondering which of them was going to accidentally reveal it to the world but he hadn’t expected an intentional reveal to avoid a topic. His opinion of Sarah rose slightly. She hadn’t tipped her hand by revealing what Orpheus’s power was and the world was now going to be more focused on him and the other members of the Twenty-Six.

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