It was a brisk day that found Sarah, Jane, and Katherine walking down one of the many streets of the city doing patrol. The little girl that ran up to them with an autograph book was bundled up in a big fluffy coat that seemed a size too large for her. “Can I have your autograph?” She said as she pushed the book into their hands. Katherine happily took it and signed her name as Water. She knew that some people recognized her but she had decided that she would sign things with her power name until she was certain that everyone knew who she was. When Jane took the book she checked to see what Katherine had done for her signature and so signed it as Fire.

Sarah did the same thing but when she handed the book back to the girl she asked, “Do you want to get a picture to go with them?”

The little girl smiled, at least that is what they guessed she did the scarf covering her mouth made it hard to tell, and cheerily replied “Not yet. I want to get one with the other two as well so I can have a picture of the whole team.” She raced back to her mother and threw a wave to them as they drove off.

“Where’d those two go?” Jane asked Sarah when the girl was well away and they had stopped waving.

“Hero claimed that they had information that Tartarus was going to be hit sometime soon so they are going to reinforce the guards for the next couple of weeks.” Sarah explained.

Jane looked like she was going to have more questions but her phone rang “Hey girl what are you up to? Yeah, she’s here. Okay I’ll tell her.” Jane hung up and began talking to Sarah “Sword just called and said that the police line went down. She asked if you could fly up and make sure nothing is going wrong in the city.”

There was a rush of wind as Sarah lifted herself in the air. She was up for only a second before she came back down fast. “There is a large metal orb not too far from here. Can anyone say giant robot?”

“Cool I haven’t seen one of those in a few years.” Katherine said happily.

Sarah pulled her own phone out and pulled up the group conversation she had with the other group leaders “Giant robot near southside. Right by the theater.” She said into the speaker. The text to speech program was decent but it still didn’t like complex words or sentences that were too long so she kept her words simple so that it didn’t mess them up.

Most of the teams responded with the standard short hand that they were on their way, Dissolve didn’t bother to respond but he didn’t seem to like the idea of every team being “all buddy buddy” as he put it. On the run over to where she had seen the giant orb she wondered if he was going to move to a city where he could show off better.

When they got to where the ball had been Lightning was already engaging it and hurling bolts of her namesake at the robot. The robot was responding by slamming great metal tentacles down all around her. As one was about to hit her a golden shield appeared in its path and it bounced harmlessly away. At the same time Sarah, Jane, and Katherine let loose on the robot and began drawing its attention so that they could move it out of the city. “Shield, how far out is Frost?” Sarah called down to the hero as she dodged tentacles that lanced at her as she flew through the air.

“They should be here in a few minutes. I hitched a ride with Lightning but we were doing a team building thing just down the road so it won’t be long.” A panel slid back from the robot’s bulbous exterior to reveal a little red light that turned into a massive laser aimed at him but he simply held up his and a shield the size of his body appeared to intercept the laser.

“Alright, we’ll have to mitigate the damage it does to the city until then. Water can you soak the bot and the road out of town. Lightning, I think you are the only one fast enough to hit those lasers when they open so focus on that. Fire and I will move to distraction until the others arrive.” Sarah took charge of the situation and began compress balls of swirling wind while forcing the wind inside the ball to move ever faster. If she had been facing something that was about as tough as a car it would have sheared right through it. Against the bot it just scuffed the paint job and drew the focus. Before the bot could turn its attention completely on Sarah it had to target her so the sensor tower that served as its head popped out of its protective shell. Jane punished for that by hitting those sensors with a white-hot flame. When it tried to open up a laser and punish Jane for her attack a bolt of lightning slammed into it and fried the circuitry.

So, the battle went until the arrival of Sword, Rain, and Frost. “Honey I’m home.” Sword called out as she lopped one of the tentacles off with a glowing blade. Frost started attacking the ports and freezing them shut before Katherine ran up to her and explained the plan Sarah had obviously come up with.

“Sword, I’m going to be lifting you in a moment. The plan is to have Water, Rain, and Frost form an icy path out of the city and push the thing out. I’m going to send you at anywhere it is trying to use those tentacles to hold on to and hope you can slice them up.” Sarah called out to her fellow team leader.

“Sounds like fun.” Sword happily called back as she split a tentacle down the middle.

With Frost working with two people who could make a lot of water the path only took a few minutes to make. Once it was made Sarah began hitting it with the strongest wind she could muster and it started sliding back. The assembled heroes let out a cheer and everyone who could started helping with the push. Sword sliced any tentacle that tried to find purchase along the path and Shield conjured a huge, but fairly weak, shield under the bot to serve as a sled. Once it was out of the city what little tension had been in the heroes faded away. With no more fear of a missed attack hitting a building or the shrapnel from a destroyed bot tearing through a building the people who had been holding back let loose. Fire, Water, Air, Frost, and Lightning slammed into the robot and lifted it from the ground. Limbs froze and melted faster than the robot could compensate. Not that it would have mattered much since the water that seeped into its circuity was quickly electrocuted by the constant barrage of lightning.

As its smoldering remains fell to the ground Sarah cheerily asked “Does anyone want to get some coffee?”

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