The smell of burning wood greeted Sarah as she woke up. Several of the tables were on fire and the ballroom smelled like it had been the sight of a battle and when she opened her eyes Sarah realized that the battle wasn’t entirely in the past. Assassin was standing over her with a silenced assault rifle and firing on a group of robed figures. One of the robed figures formed a shield of purple energy while another hurled a soccer ball sized orb of fire. It struck a glowing shield that appeared in front of them and dissipated. The robed figures were quickly cut down by a pair of similarly glowing blades and the blood-soaked woman wielding them. “I think that’s the last of them.” She called out as the bodies toppled to the floor. Assassin lowered his gun and the glowing shield disappeared.

The people with powers were the only ones awake and Sarah thanked whatever might be watching over them that that was the case. Jane could easily put out the fires and Katherine would clean up the blood while the others worked on moving the bodies but if the normal people had seen the aftermath of this particular fight they might have been more inclined to side with the protestors that had been outside. The final tally of dead bad guys was thirty-three people of varying ages who were either in ski masks and tactical vests or some kind of robe that appeared to be lightly armored. “It’d be best if we could get the bodies out of here without anyone outside seeing them.” Cloak said as the heroes finished cleaning the mess.

“There’s a courtyard down the hall. If we get them there I can tunnel them out.” Lily said as she approached the two. “By the way have either of you seen Orpheus?” Sarah pointed over to where Assassin, Sword, and Shield were waiting outside a restroom.

She pushed her way past the heroes and barged in without knocking. “Hi Lily. I’m sorry if I worried you.” Orpheus apologized as he inspected the stump where his right hand used to be. “Before you ask, I tried to grab the ringleader before he ran away but he used a portal and closed it right as my hand crossed the threshold.

“I thought Wizard was the only one who could make portals.” Lily had been intending to scold him but didn’t feel like bothering with it when the hand began to regrow.

“He’s supposed to be.” Orpheus said grimly.

“Oh, crap that actually really sucks.” Lily sighed. “When did stuff like this become normal?”

“About a decade after Sage made his big reveal.” Orpheus answered.

“No, I meant when did this start feeling normal to me. I just had a conversation with my power and it dropped a revelation on me and then I walked into a bathroom to find my boyfriend regrowing a hand he lost.”

“Oh, that. About a month or two ago by my guess.” Orpheus inspected the new hand and gave it a few test flexes. Orpheus blinked and ran what she had just said back through his head. “Wait, I think that was the first time you’ve referred to me as your boyfriend.”

Sarah stopped eavesdropping on them as the conversation turned to more personal matters and instead turned her attention to the crowd around the door. They weren’t talking so there was no sound to carry on the wind to her ears so instead she elected to talk to them. “You know they have more than one bathroom in here.” She joked and Shield fidgeted uncomfortably.

“We aren’t waiting to use the restroom.” Assassin said matter-of-factly. “Your compatriot commanded us awake and gave us orders to protect you all. Since these two are here as well I can assume that they felt something similar. I felt my power answer his call and increase my capabilities. I have felt it before when I was doing work for the government and they ordered me to take someone out so I wanted to confer with him on it.”

“I just want to know what he did to us.” Sword said. “Though Assassin sounds like he might know.”

“No idea.” Orpheus said as he came out of the bathroom. “I was acting on instinct when I Commanded you. I suggest you ask Sage.”

“Pfft, yeah like that is something we can just do.” Sword said.

Sarah pulled out her phone and flipped to her contacts “Here you go.” She said as she hit the call button and handed the phone to Sword. She then turned her attention to Orpheus “Can you bring the other people out of unconsciousness?”

“Probably but we can also just wait. It might hurt them to force the matter and I didn’t wake any of you up so we can guess they will wake up before too long.” Orpheus stepped aside for Lily to pass him on her way to the courtyard and made a motion like he wanted to go with her.

“Alright try to get the bodies moved ask quickly as possible. I don’t want some starlet panicking because she saw a dismembered body being dragged through the hall.”

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