Orpheus had never really liked parties like this one so he was almost happy when their phones signaled that there was villain activity just outside of town. Laser began to laugh the way only a scary old man could and drew all eyes to him. When his laugh had subsided, he met the stares of everyone “Let’s all go.” Smiles that might be described as evil spread across the assembled heroes, normal procedure was to only have one or two teams on patrol in the city, so the idea of everyone showing up to fight some unsuspecting villains was amusing to say the least.

“We’ll head over and keep them contained.” Lily told them as she stepped into Orpheus’s waiting arms and they began flying.

The cops were happy to see them when they arrived and it wasn’t hard to see why. There was a man wielding a cop car like a club against one of the department’s Peacekeeper class super soldiers while other Peacekeepers nursed clearly broken bones. Orpheus dropped Lily off at the police line and she began to erect a wall between the city and the fight. Another villain caught sight of her and lobbed a globe of green goo which Orpheus got in front of. As the globe splashed across his chest his shirt melted away with a sizzle. “Let me guess. You’re Acid?” Orpheus mocked.

“Yeah and who are you?” Acid responded as he tried to posture and make himself seem bigger.

The guy holding the car caught sight of Orpheus and left his now battered opponent to come face the new challenger, as he did a small hole opened underneath them and got them out of the area like it had the other Peacekeepers. “I’m Brick.” The large man said in a way that showed that he was about as dumb as his namesake.

“Oh goody.” Orpheus smiled sinisterly to try and scare them. “I killed the last one rather quickly so I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him. Perhaps you will prove more challenging.”

“I’m even stronger. I got that Amplisomething guy over there to juice me up.” He pointed at a man in a hoodie who was tapping the backs of the other villains.

A flash of recognition went through Orpheus’s brain as he took in a villain with a set of wicked looking claws where her hands would normally be. “Do I know you?” He asked.

She responded by lunging at him only to be sent flying by a huge fist that came flying from the ground. “Isn’t that the Claw girl from the bank a few months ago?” Lily said from behind him.

“Oh yeah…how did she get out?” He figured no one would answer and was prepared to put it in the back of his mind when Brick spoke up.

“There was a big breakout yesterday.” He smiled and said.

Orpheus returned his smile “You are very helpful. I think I like you.” He then turned his attention to Acid “Tell you what Brick, I’m going to deal with this idiot who had the gall to throw acid at my girlfriend and then me and you can have a good brawl to see who is stronger.” With that said Orpheus threw a kick at Acid’s shins that was faster than the villain could dodge and shattered the bones in his legs. The sudden shock and pain almost made Acid pass out and a few seconds later he wished he had. As a foot came down on his collarbone and sent him into unconsciousness he saw the arrival of all the other heroes.

“That seemed like a bit much” Silver said as she landed next to Orpheus. Her skin had been replaced by the metal that was her namesake and based on her landing she hadn’t been in the air under her own power. “Copper threw me” she said to answer his unspoken question. “So, you want to tag out so I can fight this big guy?” She gestured to Brick.

Brick was smarter than he let people believe and saw his opportunity to strike. He let his right arm fly at the strange man and followed by bringing his leg up to kick the shiny woman. He was a bit perplexed when neither one went flying like he had thought they should. Instead a wall of rock stood where they had been standing with perfect holes in it from where his strikes had made contact. The wall crumbled away and reformed behind him just in time for a fist to make contact with his chest. He was very happy he was super durable as he crashed through the wall and that appreciation only grew as he went through more and more walls. By the time he got to the eight wall his velocity decreased enough that he stopped flying. Brick decided to lie there for a minute to collect himself which he soon regretted when the shiny woman came falling down on to his stomach. She was soon followed by two almost as shiny men. He would wake up a few hours later while a person with a healing ability fixed his face for his day in court.

The fight with Brick was the longest since it took the members of Metal Malice almost a full minute to knock him out. Once they were done they took their place in the circle around Amplify. He was barely a threat by himself but there was a debate going on about what to do with him.

“We can’t even send him to a normal prison, can we?” Sword asked.

“Nope.” Laser and Orpheus answered in unison. Laser continued “He can amplify anyone to be about a superhuman level. The guards at a regular prison can’t handle that. If we put him in one of the other prisons he makes even low tier threats into huge dangers.” Laser stroked his beard “If we kill him the power gets reset and maybe someone with some more sense gets it but that doesn’t feel right.” Amplify paled when Laser said the world kill.

“I have an idea.” Frost’s voice was soft but it had started to have some of the power it had contained before the betrayal “Can we wipe his memories away? He might make better choices with a fresh start.”

“That’s like killing him though.” Copper said. His voice was deep and would have been intimidating if he hadn’t been trying to seem calm and composed.

“Who would even be able to do that?” Katherine asked pointedly.

“Hey bro, can Mind wipeout memories?” Orpheus said into his phone. The others watched as whoever was on the other line said something. “Crap, I guess that was a bit of a longshot, thanks anyway.” Orpheus shook his head as he got off the phone and everyone around groaned. Orpheus sighed “Let’s just arrest him and advise they throw him in The Abyss. The whole several miles underwater thing means we should be fine if he does try to help in a breakout.”

“What’s The Abyss?” Amplify asked nervously as Silver slammed a pair of makeshift cuffs on him.

“It’s a prison deep underwater where they throw all the villains who can fly or who would be hard to keep in The Pit or Tartarus.” Laser explained. “Personally, I think Tartarus would be better if old Execute is still guarding the gate but the kid’s right. I guess we’ll just have to let the courts deci…” Laser’s words were lost in the fit of coughing that came over him. His skin began to discolor and he broke out in hives.

Cries of “what’s going on?” came from the assembled heroes. Orpheus grabbed the old hero and flew as fast as he could to a nearby hospital when he realized what was happening. “Old hero going into anaphylactic shock. I don’t know the cause.” He yelled to the nursing staff as he put the man down on a stretcher they quickly pulled out for him.

Less than three minutes later a doctor came out and pulled him aside. “He’s dead. Everything we tried to give him just made the situation worse.”

“This is troublesome.” Orpheus remarked “Can you confirm that he died of an allergic reaction?”

“Absolutely, why do you ask?” The doctor was curious and he had a right to know considering what had just happened.

“One of the side effects of getting a power that even most wielders don’t know is that you stop having allergies.” The doctor mulled it over and fear began to spread on his face as he connected the dots. “This was an attack.”

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