The sign on the wall said “732 days since villain attack”. Orpheus wondered aloud as to whether or not it was a good idea to have something like that in a restaurant.

“It is sir, we pride ourselves on our defense protocols in the case of a villain attack. That sign indicates that guests such as yourselves should feel safe dining with us no matter what might happen outside.” The waiter guiding them to their table responded with no small amount of smugness.

A slight smirk tugged at Lily’s lips and she held back from saying anything. Instead she followed the waiter to the table and waited until he had left “It’s nice to know we won’t be interrupted but I almost want something to happen just to spite him.” Lily giggled a little “Does that make me a bad person?” She batted her eyelashes and tried to look innocent.

Orpheus smiled “No but dating me probably does because I’m definitely a bad person.” They laughed and perused the menu. By the time their waiter came by they already knew what they wanted all the way through dessert. “I’m glad we still got to come here and actually have our date.” Orpheus said as he took Lily’s hand in his own. Lily still wasn’t used to such public displays of affection and blushed a little. They stayed like that until the appetizer came and they were temporarily distracted by the sudden presence of food.

The sound of photos being taken and squealing fans drew their attention to the entrance. The subject of the ruckus was obvious. The man was in a suit but the gloves of a red and yellow costume poked out from his sleeves. The woman on his non-waving arm was a local girl who had become a rather successful movie star. She still seemed a bit embarrassed by the attention but she worked the crowd like a professional.

“Do you think that will ever be us?” Lily asked

“It will be. As soon as we do something that the media latches on to they will start treating us like every other celebrity. They’ll fawn over us and say how great we are right up until we screw up. Then they will turn on us and pretend they didn’t love us just a week prior.” Orpheus’s words were serious but his tone playful “But it won’t matter because they can’t do this.” Orpheus leaned in and kissed her “and that is all that really matters.” Lily returned the kiss and they briefly forgot about the press and their focus.

Unfortunately, the only table open was in their section so the annoyance moved into the room with them for a minute before they were ushered out and the star couple was seated in peace. “Any idea who he is?” Lily asked as the man did some waving to other patrons who recognized him.

“Flare, he’s a medium tier hero whose power gives him some enhanced speed and fire controlling abilities. He came up when Sage was telling me about the area. Apparently, he has a bit of a temper and has hurt others because he “thought they were with the villains” still he’s good at keeping civilians safe though so he can’t be all bad.” Orpheus rattled off what he had been told and went back to eating the salad that had arrived after the appetizer. He neglected to mention that Sage and Tank had been one such group the man had attacked though the results had been predictable and Flare had left with a huge blow to his ego.

The paparazzi had moved outside and were taking pictures through the window. “I’m kind of glad we aren’t that famous. Can you imagine how much that kind of popularity has to suck? I like my peace and quiet.” Lily shook her head at the thought “I would have to make a retreat that they couldn’t get to.”

“Like say a house a few hours outside of a city where no one ever goes and that has a big wall built around it? Because I think I have just the place.”

“Why Mr. Mccallan are you asking if I want to move in with you?” Lily joked. She already had started spending most of her time in his room and they had already been talking about moving her clothing down to the room as well.

“Yes, yes I am.” Orpheus smiled and took her hand in his again.

While they sat there entranced by each other a large burly man in a chef’s hat came and sat down next to them. When it became clear they weren’t going to acknowledge him he spoke “Well Orpheus are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend or just make me sit here?”

Orpheus was startled back to the real world and smiled even broader when he found an old friend sitting next to him “Lily this is…well now he goes by Cook but before he got his powers he was my next-door neighbor. He taught me how to cook. Cook this is Lily.”

“A pleasure to meet you. I must say I was surprised to find out Orpheus came to one of my restaurants with a girl and didn’t tell me.” Cook exclaimed as he shook Lily’s hand. “I have to get a call from Sage to find out he is here.”

Cook stroked at his graying moustache and waited for an answer “I had heard you were bouncing between them and didn’t want to bother you.” Orpheus explained meekly.

Cook stayed with them until the food came and regaled Lily with stories of Orpheus as a fledgling cook, he focused on the times Orpheus had nearly burnt down the kitchen. When the food finally came Orpheus thanked god as Cook bid them farewell and went back into the kitchen.

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