When Orpheus came to the others were all standing around him and they were in the warehouse that had been housing the haunted house. When he went to greet them his attempt at words was covered by a cough that left his hand stained red and the taste of copper in his mouth. “That’s not good.” He muttered to himself before hiding the hand behind his back and sending his blood flying away.

Sword had been talking before he came back and continued on. “We’ll be in debriefings for the next day or two because of this so it won’t matter much. Heal is a long-time member and this isn’t the first broken arm he has had to fix. But thank you for asking. What about you all? I know you got out without too many scratches but I doubt you’ll feel up to fighting criminals for a day or two.”

“We’ll be fine. We had already planned to have the next few days off and the city has more than enough heroes right now.” Sarah assured her. “That being said, I desperately want to get back and get some sleep, probably a hot shower too, so this is where we part.” Sarah waved goodbye as Wizard arrived and ushered the two through a portal.


None of them remembered how they got home as exhaustion took those memories. They woke in various stages of undress the next day and only three of them had managed to make it all the way to their respective beds. “You all look like shit.” Tank joked as he came through the door and found the five half-napping in the living room. “How did the mission go?”

“Both there, both dead.  Good guys win.” Orpheus summarized as the door closed. “I feel like I have the mother of all hangovers. Got anything for that?”

“Shhh, some of us are trying to sleep.” Lily griped from on top of him. “We already have to get up in a few hours for our date and I am still tired from last night.”

“Don’t” Orpheus warned Jane before she could make the comment she had been about to.

With her joke dying on her lips Jane decided that now was as good a time as any to take her leave from the group. She hopped out of the chair she had been sitting in and made her way outside, signaling for Tank to follow. Once they were outside she took a moment to coat herself in flames. Her ability had a way of taking away any aches and pains whenever she was using it and she figured it would work for exhaustion as well. When she felt better she turned to Tank “Would you mind going into town with me today? They have plans and I don’t want to spend another day sitting around alone in some coffee shop.”

“Why don’t you just stay here? You might still be alone but it has to be better than that.” Tank pointed out.

“I’ve tried that, the house just feels so empty without anyone here.” Jane retorted.

Tank opening the door again was met with groans that were thankfully short lived. He grabbed the keys from the counter and went back outside “Where to first?” he said heartily as he unlocked the car.

“There’s this new café on main I’ve been wanting to try. It is supposed to have the thickest shakes ever.” Jane suggested and hopped into the passenger side.

The car visibly lowered as Tank sat in the driver’s seat “I’ll be the judge of that.” He said with a wry smile.


Katherine and Sarah left a few hours later, they just flew into town since it was easier. As the sound of them sailing off reached the living room Orpheus asked Lily “So, should we tell them about what happened in there.”

“What good would it do? She asked and met his gaze.

“Good point.” He pulled her in close for a kiss “So, we are just going to sleep all day, tomorrow right?”

“Absolutely.” Lily laughed a little and lay her head back down. As much as they both wanted to get some rest they were damned if they were going to miss their reservation so she needed to get sleep while she could.

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