The first missile woke everyone in the building up as it thundered into the base of the building. The prepared teams crashed through the windows a few seconds later. John and his team slammed the ignitions on their jump jets and were spared from the barrage of small arms fire that hit some of the other teams. Instead of being riddled with bullets they slammed through a broken-out window of a ruined building nearby. Each member tucked their bodies in as they bounced across the floor. When they had finished crashing they hauled themselves up and ran across the ruined floor to a window on the other side. The jump was more controlled the second time and thus they were able to get out of the next ruined building much quicker.

When they had gone through a few dozen buildings they allowed themselves a moment to rest. Johnson, the explosives expert, was the first to speak “Who was that?”

“Russians by the looks of them but I don’t know how they got those missiles.” John replied before turning his attention to Randall, their designated heavy weapons expert, “Check what we got and try to get ahold of some of the other teams and see who made it out. I am going to make some calls.” John steadied himself as Randall carried out his orders. Once he felt calm enough he made a call to two very important people “Greetings gentlemen, I am the free agent currently known as The Angel of Death and I am calling to inform you of some recent developments. The Russians have destroyed the free agent tower and have come into possession of some rather impressive firepower.” The sound of screaming from the street interrupted John’s train of thought and drew him to the nearby window.

Below him was a scene out of a nightmare. An orange gas was covering the street and the people inside it were clawing at their faces. Bits of flesh tore away as the victims of the gas tried to dig something out that just wasn’t there. John almost jumped as his mask was slammed down on his face. Tyron, the medic, was wearing his gas mask and making sure everyone else was doing the same “Z432, banned biological weaponry due to its unpredictable side effects. Best case is an intense itching and loss of sanity. Worst case is cannibalistic tendencies and loss of sanity. Masks should keep us safe from the gas but we need them on at all times. The smallest breath is enough and that stuff isn’t dissipating anytime soon.” He explained over the internal com channel.

John switched to open broadcast “Everyone get your gas masks on. Someone just dropped a bio bomb on the city.” John’s warning rang out to everyone that was listening but he knew it was too late for anyone in the immediate area. Sighing he switched back over to the conference call “If that was one of you two than that is going to backfire but if it wasn’t than that makes what I am about to say even more important. The Russians broke neutral ground and must pay so my team and any others I can find are going to bring the pain to them. Use this opportunity to wipe them out.” He didn’t wait for their responses.

“We’ve got a shotgun, a plasma thrower, two pistols, and your scythe.” Randall reported once John had closed out the call.

“I can’t believe I grabbed this thing.” John sighed as he hefted the scythe. It had been sitting next to the window when they jumped and he just grabbed it on instinct.  “All right gather up what you can and tell whatever free agents you can get on coms that we are going after the Russians. They are advised to do the same since they attacked home base.” There was a slight exclamation of excitement from the team at the prospect of getting revenge.

The next couple of days would see a turning point in the war as the free agents who survived stopped taking contracts and started waging guerilla warfare on the Russians. Sections of the city became impassable without masks as Z432 bombs were used to wipe out whole platoons. The artillery line of the Yakuza got decimated and their troops were forced to move in without any covering artillery. Many died to the overwhelming number of twitchers the Russians brought in.

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