Orpheus took the time to pick some leaves off a bush near the front door while he looked at what he was up against. The frontline of the supervillain force was made up of a couple dozen super soldiers who looked like they had been altered to have two-foot long blades jutting out of their forearms. Behind them stood a virtual sea of faces with artificial horns and pitch-black eyes, Orpheus recognized them as the many clones of the villain Legion. Aside from that there were a handful of animal type villains, villains whose powers had crossed them with an animal, and a few weirder villains “Awfully brave of you to face us all alone” a villain, whose skin seemed to be almost melting off his face and then moving back into position at random intervals, mocked him.

Orpheus started lining up a shot with a leaf until a voice boomed out from behind him “He’s not alone, though he is a jerk.” Everyone assembled knew the voice of Hero and while the villains instinctually flinched back Orpheus just sighed.

“Why did you have to wake up so quickly?” Orpheus muttered as his brother and Lilian flew out of the building.

“Come now little brother maybe we can bond while we beat up some supervillains” Hero said just loud enough for the people in the back of the army of villains to hear.

“Bold words Hero, but while you, Heroine, and this brother of yours are fighting us who will protect the other members of the Twenty-si…” The creepy melting man began to go into a villainous monologue but Orpheus was sick of listening to it before it even began and summoned a dome of darkness that was several feet thick around the building. “I knew the last man to have that power young brother of Hero. He was treated well by our organization and you could be too if you just join us and strike down your brother, I can see there would be no love lost there.”

Orpheus was more than sick of the creepy man talking and tossed a leaf into the air. Once it had lined up properly Orpheus poked it and released Railgun. The leaf soared through the air and sliced off the creepy man’s finger. “I knew him to, after all I’m the one who killed him, Brick, Bomb, and Paragon.” The villains took a step back as the creepy man howled in pain and they realized that fighting Orpheus wasn’t going to be like fighting Hero or Heroine. They could actually die this time “Some of you are probably thinking that the fact I am willing to kill is bad news but don’t worry my team wants me to keep a lid on the killing so I won’t kill unless you push me.” Relief started to wash over them but was interrupted by Orpheus rising off the ground so the full force could see him. “You are known affiliates of the villain group known as The Monsters and thus are one of the groups I need to question about the attack that killed my MOTHER.” Orpheus practically yelled the word mother and the color drained from the villains’ faces “You aren’t escaping anytime soon” with that said Orpheus reached into his memories.

“Earth is easy enough to move but I have to be careful. Using too much in populated areas could make sinkholes so controlling it is more about pulling it from the right places” The memory of Lily said in his mind. The meeting location had been chosen because no one lived nearby so Orpheus wasn’t concerned about sinkholes. The dirt and stones flowed from where he had been standing up to meet his palms. As it touched him it was launched down on the assembled villains. The force was much weaker than when he had taken the creepy man’s finger but still hit with enough force to hurt.

With that attack, the battle began “You know Hero and Heroine, I go by Orpheus because you have not earned the name of my power.” Orpheus announced. Hero and Heroine engaged the front line in combat when he announced them.

“I am Flesh leader of the Famine arm of The Monsters. Beside me fight Mantis, Snake, Wolf, Bear, Spider, Scythe, Wilt, Legion and Magma.” The creepy man announced. One of the members of Legion screamed as Flesh stuck his wounded hand out at the clone and reformed his missing finger from the skin of the clone.

“We are Legion for we are many” Legion announced and the many pulled out assault rifles and began unloading on the heroes. It did nothing and Legion realized this quickly, he wasn’t a terribly stupid villain. As one the Legion clones sat down and said “we can’t hurt them.”

“Get up you cowards or I will kill you myself…” Flesh was cut off by his scream as Hero burst through the super soldiers and punched him in the collarbone while Orpheus landed behind him and did the same. Neither man had known what the other was going to do so their blows spun the villain in place and demolished his collarbone.

The brothers turned to the remaining villains and cracked their knuckles. Magma came in at Orpheus with a right hook. Orpheus sidestepped the blow and broke his elbow before turning his hand to face his own face and launching it. The sudden intense movement popped the limb out of its socket and the impact broke his nose. Wolf and Bear had tried to team up on Hero and been slammed together for their efforts. Mantis had been surprised by a kick to the side of her knee by Heroine, who had finished off the last of the soldiers. “I’ll take the guy with the energy scythe.” Heroine said as she took a fighting stance.

“I’ll crush the bug.” Hero said as he tackled Spider and tossed her into the air.

“That just leaves me and you little man.” Wilt cackled as she took off her gloves “I can wilt you with a simple touch and arresting me will just lead to more deaths. So do you kill me like you threatened to or try your chances.”

Orpheus smiled as he remembered another day with Lily “I may not have the same control or experience as my girlfriend but she did teach me a trick.” With a thought Orpheus bound the dirt behind Wilt to his hand and mimed grasping something. The earth formed a giant hand and grabbed Wilt immobilizing her. “If you break out of prison and kill someone again I will kill you but just this once I am going to give you a chance because it is what my team leader would want me to do.”

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