Sarah dropped Lily off in front of the house Sage had directed them to. “Are you sure you won’t come with me?” Lily asked before Sarah flew off.

“I’m sure. With the Twenty-six being all in a meeting the rest of us have to be stationed around the city in case a villain attacks.” Sarah responded “You’ll do fine Lily, you just have to go in and assess if the girl has powers and make the family an offer if she does. You can do this.” Sarah’s voice was reassuring and Lily was happy that she made it sound so easy. Sarah gave her a little push towards the door and flew off.

Lily steeled her nerves and rang the doorbell. When a middle-aged woman opened the door Lily recited what Sage had told her to say “Hello, I’m the representative Sage sent to assess what power your daughter may have.” Lily sighed as she finished and added “Sorry if I’m nervous doing this it’s my first time.”

The woman smiled “No problem dearie, Jazz is out back. I’ll take you to her.” The woman led Lily through the house an into the backyard where a little girl, she couldn’t have been older than five, was poking the water in a fountain and laughing as bits of it turned to ice and splashed into the bowl below. “Sweetie this nice young lady would like to talk to you about your power.”

Lily leaned over to the older woman and asked “Could you bring some ice cubes?” The mother nodded and went inside to get them while Lily approached the girl “So I hear you woke up with a power sweetie. Do you know its name?” The girl shook her head “Well I can help you figure it out.” Lily gestured at the nearby rose bed and some dirt flew to her hands and started floating above it. “I can do this with dirt and rocks because mine is called Earth. In a minute your mom will bring some ice cubes out and I want you to try to do this with one of them.”

When the girl’s mother came out with a tray of ice cubes Lily placed one on her hand and asked “Does that feel cold?” The little girl shook her head again and the ice-cube started to float. “Good job.” Lily complimented her and the ice-cube fell. “That cinches it, I think your power is called Ice and you have way more control over your power than I had of mine when I first got it. Have fun but be careful how you use it.”

Lily went to leave and the mother stopped her “What do we do now?”

“Sage will send you some stuff but for now just carry on as normal. Let her practice where she won’t hurt anyone, some gun ranges will let you practice in the off hours. Just be patient with her.” Lily responded.

Hero stepped up to the podium “Hello everyone it’s good to see everyone again so soon. I’ll get straight to business since everyone is probably busy. Recently my brother delivered a threat that we all thought was laughable. He said that if we all came at him we would die.” A murmur swept through the room but was quickly silenced by Hero holding up a hand “I know if his power was just that acceleration thing than there is no way he could do that but there have been some developments. During his team’s unveiling he spoke a word and the stage they had been using melted away.” Several people looked nervously at each other but no one interrupted “He has demonstrated two very different abilities so we are here to figure out what his power actually is so we have some measure of his capabilities and know how to deal with him.”

“With all due respect, we deal with him by getting out of his way or helping him. I don’t know if you talked with him recently but he got a list of all the people who could have potentially done the attack.” Speed paused as what he had said sunk in. When everyone had realized the implications, he rattled off the list and continued “Orpheus wants to find out who killed our families and I’m going to let him, hell I’ll even help him.”

The meeting devolved quickly as some rose up with Speed and others said that was betrayal after everything Hero had done for them. “Stop!” Hero’s voice cut through the arguments and silenced everyone “We said we would never turn against each other like this and look at you. I don’t know what we should do but whatever it is we do it together or not at all. Right now, we need to be thinking about what we are going to do if Orpheus goes rogue. If we don’t know what he can do, we are going to lose more family.” Hero’s words refocused the group on why they were there.

“The most likely option is Nemesis or something of that nature.” Light said. Light had been the son of a cop and had a very simple way of looking at things until he had turned into a hero. His power had led him to thinking more outside the box and he had brought the most villains in behind Hero and Heroine.

“Nemesis wouldn’t account for the stage dissolving away. That stage wasn’t part of that building so he could have Illusion and just be mimicking other powers or he could have Mimic and just have kept an eye out for useful powers.” Psychic was quick to respond. Psychic had more or less retreated since he got his powers but still came out to do the hero job on occasion. He served as the groups knowledge bank though so he had the most information at his disposal.

The talks went around in circles like that as more voices added possibilities and other responded to them. The heroes were so engrossed in their talks that they didn’t see the clock go past the point they were supposed to split up and go to a new venue. When the first super villain touched down outside their meeting place a slow clap began to come from the back of the room.

“As much fun as it has been watching you all discuss me I’m afraid I must leave you all here. The villains have arrived and I have questions for them.” Orpheus dismissed the barrier of darkness and floated down from his hiding place above the exit. “I’m afraid I can’t have you all interfering so I’m going to need you all to Sleep.” The first pass got over half of them and the ones that it didn’t were still lethargic. By the eight time he said it they were all asleep.

Orpheus checked to make sure everyone but Hero was comfortable and went out to meet the villains.

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