Most of the names had been easy, they had required little more than a job offer that lead to a dark alley and a bullet to the back of the head but there were some problems. “The Red Death” John read the name aloud as he tried to figure out how he was going to get at the man. The Red Death had earned his name by eliminating his targets no matter how sealed up they were. He had taken those lessons and built himself a house just outside of the city that seemed impregnable.

John’s first thought had been a high-powered rifle shot from far enough away that the assassin wouldn’t see it coming but the bulletproof everything had stopped that idea quickly. Next had come the drones with enough explosives to level several city blocks but those had been shot down by a laser defense grid that had popped up from the lawn. Poison gas had been blown away by giant fans. Physical mail was immediately incinerated. It was impossible to get in alone. John had to try something else.

The phone rang for a minute before a tired female voice answered “Who is this?”

“Hello, would you put Lester on the phone please.” John told the woman on the other end of the line.

There was the sound of shuffling and Lester asked “Who is this?”

“It’s me, who is the lucky lady?”

“Coworker, you know that thing the rest of us have now because we took the deal.” Lester sighed “What do you want?”

“I need a plane.” John replied calmly.

“Why do you need a plane? No wait I don’t think I want to know do I?” Lester sighed again and there was the sound of tapping. “Fine, I was able to get you a subsonic one. It will be in the maintenance bay.”

“Thanks, and no you don’t want to know but you need to in case it goes south. I am going to take out The Red Death for a mutual employer.”

“I would say I’m surprised but that would be disingenuous. Can I ask? Were we ever really in the same league as you? I did some digging on you and found out about some of the jobs you pulled.” Lester chuckled “I thought the whole killing the entire cabinet in one day was a fluke but you…” John could feel him pointing at a screen “how many people have you killed?”

“No idea, want to get drinks on Tuesday?”

“Yeah, I guess so, I’ll get Ramirez on the horn later and see if there are any shows we can go to like old times.”

“Sounds like fun. Goodnight Lester.” John said as he pulled into the aircraft maintenance bay. “Hello boys, I’m afraid I am going to need to take that craft.” He told the mechanics who were supervising the repair robots while they checked it over. One of the mechanics tried to protest but quieted when John unzipped the bags he was carrying to reveal a large number of explosives. “Now boys I’m going to knock you out and you are going to forget about me.” The mechanics nodded and went down without a fight. They would wake up a few minutes later with a massive headache and a missing plane.

John barely knew how to fly the plane but that didn’t really matter. He knew just enough to get it into the air and point it where he wanted to. “I always hated these things” John groaned as he pulled the parachute on.

The plane hit Red Death’s house a few minutes after John jumped out. The resulting explosion leveled the house. John landed a half mile away and pulled out a high-powered rifle. A few hours later the man known as The Red Death came out of his fallout bunker. There was nothing bulletproof in the way this time.

A few days later John was sitting in a bar with Lester. “Thought you were going to bring Ramirez.” John muttered as he downed a glass of whiskey.

“So did I.” Lester said sadly “Drive-by from the local gang in his neighborhood. A lucky shot found his head. Damn shame.”

“Fuck it.” John said angrily as he pushed away from the bar and stood up. “If you want to come with I’m going to go kill those gangers.”

“What now?” Lester said confused.

“No time like the present.”

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