“I’m the distraction” Orpheus called out as he sauntered into the bank robbery. The robbers were startled and emptied the clips of their weapons into Orpheus’ rapidly deteriorating shirt. “Three submachine guns, 6 shotguns, ooh and that guy has an actual assault rifle.” Orpheus said into the communicator he had held in his hand to shied from bullets.

“The civilians are in Lily’s tunnel so we can engage as soon as you figure out who the powered is among them.” Sarah called over the comm.

Since Orpheus kept his comm on speaker the bank robbers heard Sarah’s message and began to look around for their hostages only to find them all missing. There were cracks in the floor where they had and Orpheus informed them of what had happened “Well since my friend relieved you of your hostages and you just saw how little you can do to me how about we skip to the part where you surrender and give up your…I was going to say boss but I don’t know if they are leading you.”

“You super durable types are all alike but I’ve never met a man I couldn’t rend.” A rather angry looking woman with fingers like knives and a vicious grin on her face said as she leapt at Orpheus. “I’m Claw and I am going to mutilate you.” She said as she slashed at his chest. From there she became a flurry of slashes as she tried in vain to rip him open.

“Found her, she is named Claw and she is neutralized.” Orpheus said to the comm as he placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed to break her collarbone and shoulder. Claw fell to the ground in pain as a wave of fire washed through the bank and melted the guns. With their guns unusable and their super disabled the robbers started to think about running. One word from Orpheus put an end to those thoughts “Surrender” in their weakened and emotional state the bank robbers only had to be Commanded once. “There you go all done.” Orpheus said as he walked out of the bank.

Sarah dropped the updraft she had put in front of the bank to deflect any stray rounds and turned to the officer in charge. “You guys are really something else. No injuries aside from the lady with the powers is better than we usually get.” The officer was astonished but quickly became wary “What’s your fee?” he asked expecting a high number.

“A shirt.” Orpheus and Sarah said in unison. “Orpheus loses shirts when people start shooting so if we could get one of those police issue t-shirts you guys have at the station it would be helpful. Also we would like for officers on sights like this to carry a change of clothes in case he loses more than a shirt.”

“Yeah it would suck to have to slap a guy like him with an indecency charge.” The officer joked.

“I wouldn’t let you.” Orpheus said as he created an orb of absolute darkness in his hand. “I would blind the entire area while I went to find pants.” Orpheus wasn’t joking but he laughed anyway.

“Yeah only Lily gets to see him pantless.” Katherine quipped as her and Lily lead the hostages out of the tunnel. Lily and Orpheus blushed while the officer started laughing.

“I was headed to a fundraiser before this happened. I got a few shirts in the car what size are you?” The officer asked and opened the trunk.

“Medium but I can wear anything.” Orpheus answered. The officer threw him a shirt and Orpheus put it on over top of the remains of his shirt.

“Bar fight on 5th street. Looks like both participants are former super soldiers.” The police radio said and the officer looked at the group.

Lily and Jane held on to Orpheus as he rocketed off while Katherine grabbed Sarah while she flew off. The fight wasn’t hard to spot, one guy was holding street lamp, and the team touched down in the middle of it. There were many on lookers and several of them were shouting obscenities about one or both of the combatants. “Can we get them some privacy?” Sarah asked as they stared down the two combatants. Orpheus nodded and produced a dome of darkness that was solid enough to block out the yelling. “Good now would you gentlemen like to talk it out or get horribly beaten.”

“You’re a mouthy little bi…” he got halfway through the word before Orpheus was behind him snapping his arms. But that was quickly forgotten when a punch made of the water in his body hit him where it hurts. He dropped his street lamp and tried to curl up into a ball. His limp useless arms made that hard however. The other guy put his hands in the air and surrendered immediately.

As they loaded them into the squad car the conscious man, the other had passed out from pain, mumbled something which caused Orpheus to step back from him. The officers finished loading him into the car and the group went home for the night. Orpheus immediately called Sage to ask him about something.

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