Orpheus was bored. Lily was bored. Jane was bored. Tank was bored. Wizard was bored. Sage was bored. Sarah was trying to wrap up the press conference where they had announced that they were forming a super hero team. Katherine was doing her best not to stare at Sarah’s butt. The reporters were continuing to ask Sarah questions.

“Miss Hammersmithe, heroes talk about who trained them can you tell us who trained you four?”

“They are on the stage. Sage, Tank, and Wizard oversaw specific parts of our training and Orpheus, who will be joining our team, oversaw the entirety of our training and will continue to do so.”

“Is he a mute or something?” The speaker was a reporter from the city news who was making a joke about the fact that Orpheus hadn’t even bothered to introduce himself.

Orpheus flipped his mic on and answered “No I’m not a mute. I have been told I’m not very tactful when dealing with people I don’t like so I figured I wouldn’t talk at this thing. But if you really want me to talk I’m sure I can give a little speech that no one wants to hear.” Orpheus had his best evil grin on and was staring down the reporter as if daring him to ask for the speech.

The reporters were saved a speech on how they were scum sucking leeches that would try to twist everything to get a story by the arrival of Hero who picked up a spare mic and informed the gathered reporters “All right everyone we are at the half-hour mark, by now some supervillain will be readying to attack this place, everyone head out and send your questions to the speaker as per the usual.” The government had passed a law on press conferences that limited them to only a half hour after a known supervillain had wrote a tell-all book that said a half hour was the minimum time to plan an attack on a venue like that. After massive outcry from news companies the policy had been implemented that allowed for the questions they would have asked to get to the heroes or other public speakers and let them answer in their own time.

“One last thing.” Sarah interjected as the reporters were busy putting up their recording equipment. Wizard opened a portal and the people on the stage started going through it until there was only Orpheus, Hero, and Sarah on the stage. “Villains are going to think that they can take us because we lack experience so I wanted to give them a word of warning.” Cameras came back out of bags and recorders were pulled from pockets “We are not going to be as merciful as our predecessors. If you prove to be too powerful for us to capture, we are going to take the kids gloves off and end you.” She turned to Orpheus and ordered him “Do it.” Then she stepped through the portal and into the living room of the house.

Dissolve” Orpheus ordered the makeshift stage they had been standing on and all the chairs in the room. As the crack of thunder that signaled the use of Command echoed through the room the chairs disappeared and the stage faded away leaving just Hero and Orpheus floating next to a shimmering portal. The reporters paled as they saw a look of shock on the face of Hero and realized that he was afraid.

Orpheus flew through the portal without another word and it closed behind him. “That was one hell of an exit” Jane joked as she opened a bag of popcorn she had been warming up in her hands “Couldn’t you have kept it going for just a few more seconds though, I almost had the popcorn popped.”

“Joking aside, I think that went well.” Lily sounded happy to just be off the stage. She still didn’t like being around so many people and having everyone’s eyes on her when she introduced herself had left her flustered.

“You’ll be doing a demonstration at one of the old nuclear test sites as soon as we can get it scheduled, we were going to do it at a shooting range but Orpheus objected.” Sage informed them after he had sat down.

“Yeah sorry about that.” Orpheus apologized “I was doing some stress testing over the ocean last night and discovered that I can make a nuke with Bomb.”

“Is that why you were naked?” Lily asked and then blushed when she realized that she had asked it in front of everyone.

Orpheus blushed more and responded “Yes it was, I ran into town today and got a whole bunch of spare clothes for when we are being heroes but I am going to be a little annoyed if I keep losing clothing.”

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