The elevator dinged and John walked to Lester’s apartment. Lester was busy setting up for a presentation so he didn’t bother to get the door by hand, instead he just gave the voice command the unlocked his door and John sat down in the seat he had picked out before.

John had been the last member of the team to arrive so Lester began the presentation once he sat down “Due to recent developments the city is in a bit of an uproar.” Lester was too much of a professional to glance at John but he wasn’t a good enough professional to not avoid looking at him. “As such the Governor, has decided to step in and use his private security forces to supplant the cops. This presents opportunity and the companies have seen fit to start handing out more jobs. More importantly I received a file from the Prometheus corporation.” The others began to murmur because it was a big deal to get hired by one of the Big Three. “I know, it’s exciting but we have to focus. The job is fairly simple but the problem is that it isn’t the only one.”

John knew what he was about to say so he continued where Lester left off “You all are going to break into a research facility and recover a file while I kill the head researcher of the facility. Lester has found that the day we have to pull this off my target will be attending meetings at an offsite location so I won’t be going with you.”

Ray didn’t like John, he thought John was a braggart and hadn’t done even half the stuff he claimed to have, so he didn’t try to hide his distaste “So why are you here?”

“Because he is the only one who has been in the facility before.” Lester answered to the surprise of everyone, except John.

“Most of my organs came from the place you guys are going to so I am here to give you guys information and impress upon you how important it is that you are careful when in the facility.” John was usually a little flippant when not on a mission so the others were surprised how serious he was being outside of the mission this time.


The group had kept John up answering questions until the dawn so he was fairly tired when he presented himself as the driver for his target. The old man checking him in chuckled and mumbled something about a late night as he handed him the keys to the private car.

John drove the researcher around all day until the center console told him to take the client to the address that John recognized as being the researcher’s home address. John drove most of the way but pulled off into an alley a few blocks from the address. A button on the dash locked the doors and lowered the wall that separated the driver from the passenger. “Hello Doctor Smith.” John greeted the researcher as he turned to face the man. “I wish I could say it is good to see you again but I am here on business so I have some bad news.”

“You’re here to kill me?” Doctor Smith questioned as he reached for the door handle.

“The job is to kill you yes but I owe you so I will give you a choice. You are going to die, if it isn’t me it will be someone else so your choice is how you die.” John passed him a pistol and looked him in the eyes “Come back here in an hour and use that gun on yourself. Do that and I will make you disappear, your family will never know you did it and there will be no evidence that it was a suicide so the insurance will still pay out. Choice number two is that you take that gun and lock it away until you need it. Eventually someone as good at this as I am will find out the best time to hit you is when you are at home on Sunday with just your wife and kid around, two easily silenced witnesses. You take that and protect them for as long as you can but know that people will never stop coming and you’ll never be safe.” John wasn’t able to offer anymore advice and didn’t want to look the man who had saved him in the eye so he rolled up the wall and unlocked the door. Doctor Smith got out and walked home while John drove the car back to the headquarters of the chauffer company.

Before the hour had passed John was on a bench near the alley. The pop of the pistol in the night told him what choice the doctor had chosen and John sighed. It wasn’t hard for John to move the body, the doctor had always been a very thin man, and he managed to get it into his trunk without anyone noticing.

John watched his speed as he drove outside of town and into the empty wastes that the last Great War had left. He searched the wastes until he found a swallowing pit, a pit of sand that seemed to swallow anything that was thrown into it. He threw the body in along with the pistol and watched as the sand consumed his onetime friend. The alarm on the disposable phone he had bought sounded signaling that his team was about to hit the facility and he needed to trigger the distraction.

John was too far out to hear the audio from the security camera footage that was playing on all of the billboards in the city so he was forced to flip through radio stations as he drove back, until he found one that was broadcasting the audio. John knew he could have just ignored the security footage, after all he had been there when the Mayor had ordered him to kill the inner circle, but he felt like he owed it to everyone for what was sure to happen next. John was relieved to hear that Lester had managed to remove him from the footage and made a mental note to thank him the next time they met. It would make getting hired for more jobs easier.

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