Lianne dropped Lily off at one end of a clearing she had spotted while flying to Orpheus’s home and touched down at the other end. She had decided that day one of combat training would be devoted to seeing just how strong the girls were and getting a little one on one time with them.

While she was preparing for the fight the ground dropped out from under her and she plummeted a good twenty feet before she started flying to stop her descent. As she tried to fly out of the hole a mound of dirt formed into a large fist and drove down the hole towards her. She met the fist with her own and blew through it on her way to the surface. When she broke through the stone roof that had formed over the hole while she was dealing with the fist. “That wasn’t very nice.” She said as she surfaced, only there was no one there.

Lily’s voice came from all around Lianne. “The other girls had to learn how to control their abilities but I learned the hard way. So, Orpheus spent that time teaching me what he knew about fighting and do you know what his first lesson was?”

“Probably something about knowing when not to get in one, he was always the pragmatist.”

“You would be surprised. His first lesson was actually that fights aren’t nice and if my opponents had powers I was supposed to use every dirty trick I could.” As she spoke the shards of the stone that had been covering the hole shot up and pelted Lianne. They didn’t even leave a scratch but they weren’t meant to. The small stones kept Lianne to distracted to notice the dirt that began to wrap around her and constrict her limbs.

Lily allowed herself to smile as the dirt covered Lianne completely and she was stuck hovering in the air. Lily was not expecting Lianne to flip herself over and slam herself into a nearby tree. The tree cracked and fell but the impact shook the dirt from Lily’s control and it fell away to reveal a very victorious grin on Lianne’s face. “And what did he say to do when you can’t win?” She said smugly.

Lily walked out and put her hands in the air “He said to give him a call. But since that isn’t really what this is about, you win.”

Lianne laughed as the dirt all fell away from her and she landed “If it was anyone else I would call that bravado but that isn’t really his style is it.”

“No, it really isn’t.” Lilly chuckled lightly.

The sound of several heavy impacts informed the two women that Orpheus and Tank had drawn close to their location while they were training. The two men came flying through the tree line as Tank landed a blow against Orpheus’s hastily thrown up guard. “Hello ladies.” Tank greeted them as Orpheus pulled himself out of the rubble. Tank turned his attention back to Orpheus “All right now you can use them all.”

Shatter” Orpheus voice cracked the air and the rubble around him broke into millions of pieces. He bent down as if to scoop up the shards and the shards shot like missiles at Tank’s face. Unlike the rocks, Lily had used Orpheus’s missiles were also meant to hurt. They sliced into Tank’s hands as he tried to protect his eyes but Orpheus was already moving. He shot almost as fast of his missiles and a fist caught Tank in the stomach. As the blow connected and orb of inky darkness covered Tank’s head.

Tank had been in many powered fights before so he was expecting the blow from behind but he wasn’t expecting it to be followed by an explosion equivalent to a bunker buster. The explosion seared his hand where he caught the fist but it wasn’t a deep enough wound that his power couldn’t handle it. He countered by trying to punch where Orpheus had been only to find empty air. Orpheus had taken the opportunity of the explosion numbing his ears to sound to float directly above Tank’s head. “Kill shot” Orpheus exclaimed cheerily.

The orb disappeared and Tank looked at his pupil “I would have thought you would be calling that when you did the explosion in my palm.”

Orpheus shook his head and explained “The best I can do with that is about the level of a tactical nuke and while that would have made it easier to beat you it wasn’t a kill shot and I didn’t want to endanger the ladies. The actual kill shot was from this.” He lifted his hand to reveal a shard of tree held in his hand. “The only thing behind you was the planet and I can throw some power at that before it breaks” He tossed the shard on the ground and looked at that destruction they had caused. “We will have to get Wiz kid to fix this before people come across it.” He commented dryly.

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