“Shoot them.”

The man across from John fidgeted as John stared at him. The cause of his concern was the gray matter of his security guard currently dripping of his face. John introduced himself “Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way allow me to introduce myself, I was known as The Angel of Death. I thought that my retirement would bring a measure of peace so imagine my surprise when I was notified that someone had tried to dig up information on me.” While John chuckled and the man across from him nervously laughed with him a young man named Ted came into the room. “This is Ted” John introduced the young man “he has had a very bad day. Haven’t you Ted?” the young man nodded. “Young Ted here took a job from you and performed admirably. But when you pitched the job of coming after me he balked at the idea.”

The man across from John paled “Now a sensible employer would have let it go and gone and found someone else to perform the job. Is that what you did?” The man shook his head “Exactly, you told him that if he didn’t come after me that you would deal with him harshly.” The man across from John started to look for a way to escape. Unfortunately for him there were no such exits. The office he had been renting didn’t have any windows due to it being a bad neighborhood and John was sitting within arm’s reach of the only door. “Normally I would say that it was something he needed to deal with himself but his father is a friend of mine. I play poker with him all the time. So here we are.” John stood and fished a small pistol from the security guard’s holster.

He pushed the gun into Ted’s hands, despite his protests, and instructed him “Shoot him.”

“I’m not a killer.” Ted protested as the other man began to cower.

“Did I say kill him?” John asked simply. “I said to shoot him, now shoot him.”

Ted leveled the pistol at the man who had employed him. He aimed for his shoulder. His shot broke the silence that had descended on the room. He aimed for the shoulder. But his hands were shaking when he pulled the trigger. His shot took the man in the neck.

John sighed “Young people are so emotional nowadays.” A gurgle from behind the desk informed John that the man was suffering. “When we leave, I am going to call you some help but don’t try to come after either us.”

John turned to leave but Jane’s voice came from the hallway “He wants to kill you.” John trusted Jane so he turned back around and finished the man off.

When he got into the hall he asked “Sweetie I thought you weren’t going to listen in on that?”

She shrugged “I got bored.” She looked behind him as she tapped the side of her head to shut out the voices “I think that Ted person is having a crisis.”

“It’s the first time he saw someone die. He is going to need some time.” John explained. Jane got up from where she had been sitting on the floor. “The movie isn’t for another hour do you want to go do something?” John asked.

The brisk February air hit them and Jane was thankful for the coat John had given her. John had said that it would stop a bullet if absolutely necessary and it made Jane feel like she was in a toasty room. “I could go for some hot chocolate, is there a place nearby?” She asked and climbed into the car.

“There is a place a couple blocks away, I was going to stop by there on the way home to pick up some caffeine so you could stay up like you planned.” Jane had decided that she wanted to stay up until the day ticked over to her birthday to see if she felt any older but she knew that she couldn’t just stay up so she had asked uncle Prometheus how to stay up. He had laughed and started to stay something before he caught himself and said caffeine. She remembered caffeine from all the scientists who would think about their morning coffee but hadn’t known where one got coffee.

By the time Ted stumbled out of the office, John and Jane were sitting at a table drinking hot chocolate several blocks away.

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