Sarah had been the one to propose that they meet in the living room to discuss what power their teacher had and so it was up to her to start the conversation. “What do we know for certain?” She asked.

Katherine was the first to answer “We know that he can launch stuff incredibly fast.” They all nodded and Sarah wrote it down. “I don’t know if it is related but he also seems to be able to fly. He says it is but I don’t know if that is true.” Katherine continued.

“It seemed to be at one point but I’m sure now.” Sarah commented which elicited a look of curiosity from the other girls. Sarah tried to explain “When he took me for flying practice his movements were more jerky. It actually seemed like he was doing what he said. But when he came back he seemed different. He was flying more smoothly than he had been previously.” Sarah decided to write it down anyway because while they might not be certain about the origin of the flight ability it was something he could do.

Jane slapped her hands down on her knees and spoke “If no one else is going to say it I will. He is powerful and the things he can do come out of left field. When I was training with him a week ago, he spoke one word and stopped doing what I have done a thousand times. Then he goes and engulfs the range in darkness. I can’t think of any power that would let him do all of that.”

“Something like Nemesis or Copy would probably be able to do all of that.” Sarah pointed out. “Both of those fade over time though so it can’t be them.” Sarah pressed her face into her hands and tried to think of anything else to add. “We need something more. I can feel that we’ve almost figured it out.” It wasn’t like Sarah to get annoyed but the fact that she hadn’t figured out the answer to the question for months was starting to bother her. She was used to figuring things out quickly and the fact that she was being held back because she didn’t have enough information was adding fuel to the fire of her ire. She looked to each of the other girls as she tried to think of something to add but they couldn’t come up with anything.

The silence stretched on for minutes before Lily spoke up “He’s afraid of it…or at least a part of it.” She felt bad about sharing that part, Orpheus trusted her and she felt like she was breaking that trust, nevertheless she continued “I overheard Tank and Wizard talking to Orpheus about a plan to restrain him if he ever lost control. They quieted when I came closer but I know what I heard.” The other girls were intrigued and started thinking about what it could mean.

“My power is broken.” Orpheus had spoken softly but the surprise of his voice still caused the four of them to jump. He was standing behind Lily though they were sure he hadn’t been there before he spoke. “I was going to keep that little tidbit until October but I guess I can tell you a little early.”

He picked up the seat he usually sat in and put it down in front of them. It was a big recliner that he shouldn’t have been able to carry alone but it didn’t seem to require any effort on his part to lift it. As he took his seat he explained what he said “The attack that gave the others their powers did something else to me. Whatever gave them their powers shattered mine. If it had been left as it was I would have completely lost control of it and it could have been permanently damaged when it got passed on to the next person.”

Jane had to ask “How do you even fix a power?”

Orpheus looked at her sadly and answered “In my case there was only one way. Command and Railgun gave their lives to perform the monsterification to me. Wizard helped me keep my mind through the process and when I stabilized I could feel my power thrumming inside me but it was, and is, still damaged. What they had managed to do was give me a foundation to rebuild my power and get control of it.” He pointed at Katherine and Jane “You two have actually heard my power taking over.”

Jane interrupted him “Yeah I remember it saying that you couldn’t handle it for long.”

Lily looked concerned so Orpheus tried to assuage her concerns “The power knows my limits and it gives back control before I reach it.” He smiled and joked “Still hurts like hell though. Now who wants pancakes.” With that the conversation was effectively over, though the girls were left more confused than when they started.  “Before I forget, we are going to have a guest tomorrow.”

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