“Step aside boy, we have no quarrel with you.” Paragon spoke with a certainty that Orpheus would comply.

He was very wrong “You know, if it was just my jerk of a brother in there I might let you cause a ruckus. But this is supposed to be Lianne’s happiest day and I can’t let you ruin that for her. Leave” the air shook as the last word left his lips. Brick took half a step back but regained his composure and stepped back up.

“Oh” the word seeped out of the silhouetted man like gas escaping “you are an interesting one. Was that Command? I never knew you could fly with that. So, who was the little thing with you she looks”

Silence” the air shook again “you talk too much.”

“I agree, let’s do this.” Bomb spoke up and started running at Orpheus. “I am Bomb, let’s fight.”

Paragon wasn’t the type to break protocol so announced himself as Bomb had “I am Paragon and I will lay you low.” He waited for the others to announce themselves before he moved.

“This looks like fun. I am Brick.” Brick said as he rushed to join the fray.

“Fine” the silhouetted man hissed “I am Darkness overwhelming and all powerful.”

Bomb had crossed the distance and was thrusting his hand towards Orpheus as Orpheus spoke “I know it is tradition to announce yourself but I promised myself that some people have to figure it out before I will say it.” A palm strike to Bomb’s face sent him flying into a nearby concrete divider and his back snapped audibly. “My brother, for all his faults, would try to bring you in alive. I won’t.” Paragon’s smug expression faltered and Brick seemed like he was rethinking this fight.

“He’s a Mimic. Crush this copycat.” Darkness spoke with certainty.

Orpheus looked over to where the guards had been standing. They had fled inside, probably to secure positions and get better weapons, it was a wise move. “I’m not a Mimic. I’m something much much worse.” Paragon went to grab a boulder while Brick rushed in with a right hook. Orpheus’s hand shot to where the blow was coming from. Brick’s hand slammed into his open palm and stopped. “Looks like it finally clicked.” Orpheus said to himself. When Orpheus realized, he hadn’t finished his previous thought he grabbed Brick’s fist and twisted him out of the way. “I’m a monster that kept his sanity.” With that said Orpheus’s hand shot at Brick’s throat faster than should have been possible. As Brick fell to the floor grasping at his crushed throat Orpheus started to advance on the silhouetted man. Paragon threw his boulder and just as it was about to hit Orpheus he tapped it and it shot back at Paragon. He didn’t have time to dodge. He didn’t have time to think. He was just gone.

“You can’t be real. I would have heard of you I would have…” He became incomprehensible as lashed out at Orpheus. The area became cloaked in darkness which started to stab at him. Each blade formed by the sentient darkness bounced off him as harmlessly as if they were made of plastic. “What are you?” he cried out.

Die.” Darkness jerked and tried to attack again. He repeated himself. Another shockwave in the air and Darkness jerked again. Blood started to drip out of his mouth. He repeated himself. Again, and again. Until Darkness fell to the ground dead. Orpheus’s hands were shaking when he pulled out his phone. “It happened.”

That was all the person on the other end needed to hear. He whispered something the receiver couldn’t pick up and sighed in relief. “It was bound to. Don’t beat yourself up about it.” Orpheus was about to try to explain himself but the voice said “I know” and that silenced him.

Orpheus hung up as the doors flew open. It was John and Lianne in their hero outfits. They must have been wearing them already when they heard the commotion. “What’s going on…Orpheus is that you?” Lianne was surprised to see her new husband’s younger brother standing there.

She was even more surprised, and so was John, when he slowly rose into the air and waved sheepishly at them “Congratulations, and I’m sorry I made such a mess for you guys on your wedding day.” Before they could reply he flew off.

He did a few laps to clear his head before he set down in a graveyard outside of his old home town. “Hi Mom, I figured you might want to know that I went to the wedding.” He spoke to the gravestone he had landed in front of. “I got in a fight but it wasn’t with John. You always said that I should be nicer to him so I protected his wedding.” He paused and looked guilty “I guess that’s a lie. I didn’t do it for him…”

“I think she knows” it was Lianne’s voice.

“Yeah she probably does” he admitted. They stood there in silence as it started to rain. “Go be with John, Lianne.”

“I will be with him for the rest of my life, I can spare some time for his little brother.” She was joking which was good. “Besides this was his idea.”

“I appreciate it but you should get out of the rain. It wouldn’t do for you to be sick on your wedding night.” He lifted off, knowing full well that she wouldn’t leave until he did.

“Do you mind if I come visit in a month or two?” She asked as she too lifted off.

He knew she just wanted to make sure he was all right, and he was happy about it. “Just call first.” He flew home from there without any more stops. When he touched down the girls were waiting for him. They let him get into dry clothes before they started asking questions and he was forced to tell them a summed-up version of what had happened. Jane and Lily hadn’t minded when he told them that the villains were dead but Katherine and Sarah had been surprised. They had figured that he would be more like Hero and try to bring them in alive. “That is where me and my brother differ the most. If they can’t be contained I remove them from the picture. I will never tell you that you should do that but it is what I do.” He spoke the last part with a finality that ended the conversation.


Sarah didn’t tell anyone, not even Katherine, but that night, when she was up thinking about what she had seen during the day, she realized something. Orpheus’s landing had been smoother than it had been previously. In fact, it had been almost like he was flying differently.

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