“I realize that I have been focusing on the bad stuff in this guide but these things need to be talked about before we can get to the good things. Good things like an inordinate amount of money.

The more of a reputation you get the more you will get paid and there are the other fringe benefits. You will get some interesting additional rewards. Do enough jobs for a weapons tech company maybe you get a discount. Become one of their number one agents and maybe you will start getting experimental weapons for field test. I still have a gun that hasn’t hit the market because no one else can handle the recoil.

While money is nice taking a hit to the money payout to get these alternative rewards can serve you well in the long run. I’m a bit infamous among executives because I spent almost sixty years using these alternative rewards to get my revenge. I requested that each of my employers get me stock in other businesses. They hid from each other how badly I was screwing them over. When the time came and I was certain that I wanted to get out of the game I played my hand.

I now own enough companies to be considered an equal of the Big Three. It took almost a hundred years for me to win the game but I won. You don’t have to go that crazy with it. Be clever about your rewards and you can retire long before you could if you did things legally.”

John hated these moments. He was a veritable super human with all the cybernetics he had been given but he couldn’t do anything but sit and worry. John hadn’t fully known what to expect when he had walked into that little girl’s room.

Before he could say or do anything she asked him if he was real. That question had caught him off guard and made him stumble over his words “Am I…yes I’m real. How could I not be real?” he had stammered.

“But I can’t hear your thoughts and the only other people whose thoughts I can’t hear the doctors tell me don’t exist.” She had replied innocently while playing with a stuffed animal.

“They finally cracked it.” He had muttered under his breath. Prometheus had been the front runner in trying to develop psychic abilities in humans and they hadn’t had much to show for it. The best they had been able to produce was a treatment that made people more perceptive of other people’s feelings and something that caused the body to produce a more effective adrenaline at will. Advances made in cybernetics had blown both treatments out of the water and so the project had been publicly dropped. The file John had found had contained data that suggested that they never stopped trying and they had finally cracked it by doing the one thing they knew they shouldn’t.

“Why can’t I hear your thoughts? I can hear the big guy up top. His thoughts are all about protecting the strange lady.” She had hopped on to her bed and started kicking the air.

“I don’t know. Can you hear the thoughts of the other two people I came here with?” She had  nodded her head no which gave John an idea. “Hold still” he had ordered he while placing his hands around her head.

The nanites had reconfigured his hands to cover her whole head and she smiled “That tickles.” She had laugh before looking confused. “Now I don’t hear the big guy’s thoughts.”

John had smiled when she had confirmed his hope. “Hey E, get in the wagon and close the door. Tell Reynolds he can leave once you are in I am going to make a few calls.” John hadn’t known it at the time but E had been looking at his gun contemplating its use when suddenly the voice had stopped.

From there John had called Fixer for advice. Fixer had been in the game for a long time, some people said longer than John, but instead of acting as a free agent he had become the leader in all the support stuff. Companies paid agents with cybernetics made and installed by Fixer. People who wanted cars that wouldn’t break down as long as they had fuel went to Fixer. If anyone would have known how to deal with the little girl’s psychic powers, it would be Fixer. “I can whip something up. Send me the coordinates.” Was all he had said when John had asked for advice.

So here John sat waiting for Fixer to finish with Little One’s surgery. Once he finished, John was going to take her back to The Bunker and give her a room. “If she survives.” The thought slipped into his mind in the voice of Reynolds. He knew that Fixer would make sure she survived but there was that nagging fear.

“All done.” Fixer announced as he came out of his mobile operating room, a converted shock wagon. “You can stop worrying, John. All of her hair had to go but it should grow back. Now let’s talk about my fee.”

“What do you want?” John asked, not really caring about the answer.

“A hospital, but all this will cost…”

John interrupted him “Done. Any hospital in particular or should I just get you one near your house?”

“Dear God man this must have meant a lot to you. I’ll send you the details when I get home.” Fixer said with surprise.

“More than I think I know.” John would have to sell off some of his assets if it was big hospital but he could just buy them back in a few years, provided he could still buy stock openly.

“My head is itchy.” Little One said as she came out of the operating wagon scratching her now bald head. Fixer and John both subconsciously started scratching their heads even though neither of the had been itchy in a very long time.

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