Are you a lone wolf? Do other people just slow you down? Yes? Well tough luck because that kind of thinking is what gets people killed. You need a team. Find people who fill the gaps in your own abilities. Every good team should have a computer whiz, a driver, a bruiser, and an infiltrator. Notice how there is no leader or assassin in that group. The group needs to be able to disband and work with other teams at the drop of a hat and any member can pull a trigger or push a button.

Always travel separate and eat together. The goal is to create the illusion of not working together without opening yourselves to the risks of actually being alone. There will be a day where someone tries to jump you while you are eating. On that subject, if you are eating at a restaurant don’t sit next to a window.

Finally, don’t sleep with any member of your team or if you do sleep with all of them…at the same time. Jealousy kills teams and gets them to kill each other. There is no good way around inter team relationships and they always blowup in peoples faces.”

The tall lanky one with the cybernetic eyes recovered first. “I’m guessing those aren’t your real names.”

John chuckled “Me yes but no that isn’t his real name. As I’m sure the young lady here can attest.”

Reynold’s daughter was annoyed at the mention of her father. “Then why is he calling himself that?” She had one of those stupid hairdos that was easy to grab in a fight and her hair changed color when she started speaking.

The driver answered before John could “It’s a fear tactic. Every one of the older professionals that didn’t have a nickname took it as their working name. It’s a nice little reminder to employers that what happened has not been forgotten.”

The big guy, probably their enforcer, put his hand on the girl’s shoulder and asked “What did happen?”

John put his hand up to stop the driver’s response. “I know I asked for questions and I am happy to answer them but the management has taken notice of what we did so we should move this to the car.” John gave the signal as he started walking out and the driver sent the command to his shock wagon to have it block signals. The police wouldn’t be getting word of what was about to happen until they were several blocks away. It was better that way; the cops could look the other way easier.

The first was a security guard who just happened to be nearby. He got the orders to apprehend them and rushed over. The big guy was the quickest on the uptake and turned the guards charge into an overhead slam. The lanky guy popped his left hand off and drove the Taser in his arm into the guard to make sure he didn’t get up for a while. There was no permanent damage but their attacker had been dealt with.

John and the driver were not as nice. The guard that rushed John saw the flutter of John’s coat as a fist slammed into his knee, shattering his knee cap and bending his leg backwards, and lost consciousness as the strike turned into an uppercut that lifted him off the ground and broke his jaw. The guard that rushed the driver heard the crack as the driver’s Thunderer pistol took out both his knees. With the guards incapacitated John took over the sound system and said “This is why you don’t listen in on your customers.” Before he turned, pulling out his custom Smiter brand pistol, and shot the manager in his office. The superheated shot melted through the plate glass window and left the manager unrecognizable on the other side.

The crowd, both inside and outside, just stared in stunned silence as the group exited the club. The bouncer didn’t try to stop them.

When they were all in the shock wagon, the driver joked as he fired up the repulsor lift system. “I thought you weren’t going to kill without the mask.”

“It was spur of the moment. Besides you can’t prove I killed anyone. I wiped the video out.” John clapped his hands together and looked at the newbies “Now I believe you all still had questions for us.”

“What happened with my Dad?” the girl asked.

“Bio-hazard job went really bad. The corporation responsible hadn’t given us the full information and we didn’t know what to expect. Your dad held the line while I evacuated the surviving scientists. Then he sealed himself inside with those things. Then I find out that some idiot is sending you newbies on a biohazard job as your green run. I’m really thinking about just shooting that guy no matter what happens.”

The girl got distant after that and went to the back to suit up, the big guy followed her leaving John with the lanky hacker guy. “How long have they been an item?” John asked him.

“Before I met them. We used to have another guy but he like her too and I convinced him to leave before it got bad.”

“Good man. I’m nervous about going into one of these with those two though. If I tell you to zap one of them can you knock them out without killing them?”

“Easy. I made a setting for each of them so I could quick switch it in a fight. Do you really think you will make that call?”

“If one of them goes down and the other won’t leave them I want you to zap them. We’ve lost people on jobs because they wouldn’t leave their lover. Keep that hand out just in case.”

The hacker hadn’t realized it but that conversation had been done in a language John was sure the others didn’t speak. The hacker had responded in English and had shown no reaction to the change in language. He was probably a fairly well off gamer who had got the language recognition implant.

John stood up and spoke loud enough to get everyone’s attention. “I want you all suited up by the time we get there. Driver Reynolds will keep the engine warm and hold the exit. Call in when you get near it. Callsigns only when we are inside. I’m John, big guy is E, little guy is H, and the lady is Jr. If I see you out of your suit I will knock you out. I hit hard and you may die so stay in your suit. I am going in first and will scout ahead. Keep coms open and follow the scractch marks on the walls. Good Luck.” As soon they arrived he jumped from the vehicle before it had landed. His synthetic muscles absorbed the impact and he ran into the facility.

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