It was a cold day in May when the Elemental Four died. No one knew who finally killed them but everyone knew the consequences of their deaths. Heroes who had once worked solo banded together to form teams of their own. They were afraid that whatever had killed the Four would come for them. But no one heard from the attackers and the fear started to fade. Heroes forsook their powers and a new generation was born.

The girls didn’t know where they were. It appeared to be house on the outskirts of some city. They had each been roused from their beds by some men who had said that it was time and that they should pack for mid-80’s weather. They had been assumed that this was about their emerging powers. A man who some would recognize as Sage had come to their houses and offered them an opportunity. He believed that it was vital that they learn to use their abilities to that end he was prepared to offer them a place to stay, a teacher and a paycheck. So here they were. The hero known as Wizard had met them somewhere in their hometowns and opened a portal to this location. Jane had been the first to arrive followed by Lily, Katherine, and finally Sarah. Each had the bags they had packed this morning and they all wanted some answers.

So, when a young man stepped through a portal opposite them dressed in a suit and tie Jane, the girl with bronzed skin and fiery red hair, started asking him questions “Who are you? Do you know where we are? And why couldn’t we have gotten more warning about this?”

The young man rubbed his face and replied. “Great just what I needed…fine let’s start with the first question. My name is Orpheus; I will be your teacher and I am also responsible for you all so I would ask that you not get into any trouble while in my care. As to where we are, we are about two hours outside Metro city, which is a dumb name but a good place to live apparently. And I will answer your last question by saying that if you had a chance to pack than you had more warning than I did.  I got kicked through a portal to the Swiss Alps while I was showering. Anyway, I have a speech they want me to read so bear with me for a moment. Ahem, Greetings as I have already stated my name is Orpheus. I represent a group that seeks to train super heroes outside of government control. I will be your teacher and I will also be responsible for keeping up the house that we all will be living in. It has been crafted with your abilities in mind. You might as well consider this thing a bunker, a very well made and quite pretty bunker, but a bunker nonetheless.” He smiled. “You will be safe here. Now let’s go inside so you can pick your rooms.” He started walking to the door and the smallest girl, Lily, followed him.

Jane introduced herself to the other two girls “Hi, I’m Jane Leis. So, you all have powers too?”

The bubbly blonde responded first “I’m Sarah, it’s so good to meet you. Did you get Fire? Please tell me you got Fire. That would be so cool.”

Jane was flustered by the directness of this Sarah girl and stuttered “Y…yeah.” She took a breath and steadied herself before continuing “Yes I got Fire. How did you know?”

“You have red hair” she answered innocently “and since I got Air I figured that was why we were selected.”

“She’s right.” The girl who hadn’t introduced herself exclaimed. “Name’s Katherine, since we’re sharing, and I got Water. That girl who went in with the Orpheus guy probably has Earth.”

Sarah squealed with delight and was about to say something when Orpheus poked his head out the door and beckoned “Are you coming?” Once they were inside he showed them around. On the ground floor was the living room, the kitchen, a study, what Orpheus explained was his room and a room that he opened the door to show a bunch of readouts of police scanners and communications equipment. “This room may not be of any use to you if you don’t want to go the super hero rout but it is a good thing for us to have.” Upstairs were more rooms than there were girls so Lily took one that wasn’t near the ones the others took. While she was unpacking her suitcase Orpheus came in and closed the door behind him. “So how long has it been?”

“Three years.”

He placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed. “I don’t know if it will help but I am here always. If you need help ask?”

She grimaced. “It’s hard to come back to it all. I got used to being alone.” She sighed. “I don’t know how to go back to being a normal girl.”

Orpheus smiled sadly “Start by making friends. The other girls just got their powers a few months ago. They might not show it but they are scared. Be the big sister for them. Show them that having these powers isn’t something to be afraid of.” He sat down next to her and pulled her into a sideways hug.

They sat like that until they heard the others go back into the hallway. Lily looked at him and said “I guess we should get back out there. I guess I will have to finish unpacking later.” She giggled a little at the last part and they went out into the hallway. The other girls tried not stare and were mostly successful.

Before the situation could get more awkward Orpheus spoke “The fridge and pantry are a little barren. Who wants to go shopping with me?” All of them wanted a say in what food was available so they all piled in the Humvee that had appeared outside while they had been touring the house. Only Orpheus knew that it was a specialized version that had more comfort features and most importantly a hard-light shield generator. Sage had arranged for them to get one of them so that the girls would be a little safer when they went into town. The shield could be activated by a switch on the steering wheel.

The girls took the opportunity to get to know each other better and attempt to ask their teacher about himself. Lily and him were surprisingly tightlipped about their respective pasts. Orpheus would deflect the questions while Lily would say that she wasn’t comfortable talking about it yet. Sarah on the other hand was only too happy to volunteer information about herself. By the end of the car trip everyone knew her favorite store, her favorite food, the type of cat she liked most…etc. She talked for almost the entire car trip and never paused to take a breath.

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